Monday 30 May 2022

Other Banana Planted !


I was determined to get this Banana planted out today . 

I cleared lots of Nettles and Brambles , spent ages digging a hole . Nearly killed me ! Stopped for flop on my bed every bit of me aching again , lunch and got straight back out to get it done .

Oh ! My goodness it was so heavy , because I,d left it out in the rain the other day . So now completely out of  strength , I had to resort to witchcraft again .

Abracadabra ...........

  All I had to do now was clear away the pile of earth that had fallen onto the drive before husband sees it !  The kind of thing that worries him . As if I'd leave it there ! Anyway ...

He also would like me to cut off the withered banana leaves . I know it looks dreadful at the moment , but I would rather wait for it  to readjust and get it's roots down . When I see some new leaves  coming on it , then I will consider taking off those tatty leaves . If I did it now , it might cause rot to set in  .

 Need to give it a few weeks to settle in . It will be fabulous !  

Plan for today - Plant out the other Banana .

 Good morning sweethearts . This was at about 6.05 am ...I woke up a bit later this morning than I normally do . 

I think it was the thought of all the work I have to do on this area of the garden .

You remember all the hard work I did over last Autumn and Winter , trail blazing my way through monster brambles ? Well I had to stop because the birds began making their nests . 

I wanted to cut down the bushes at the top ,to bring in more light to that red Acer and make it fill out and grow towards the South . I noticed a Song Thrush nesting in there .He serenades me morning and evening under my bedroom window . I wouldn't dream of disturbing him or any of the nesting birds .

So today I am getting up there and all I can do right now is pull out the damned Stinging Nettles , cut the grass , dig a big hole and get the Banana planted out .

Got to save some strength for looking after the Grandchildren tomorrow ! 

Sunday 29 May 2022

Sunday evening walk across the cliffs


So after the lovely sunny morning , the skies became dark with the promise of rain .

I hoped that it would rain , to save me having to mess about with the new" thing " that is supposed to fix the hose pipe to the tap . It does indeed fix the hosepipe to the tap and some water does go up the hosepipe , but still water gushes out everywhere at the tap . It is one up on the old "thing" which would  not even stay fixed on the tap. 

It didn't rain .

Husband filled all of my watering cans and carried them up to the vegetable garden for me .

We decided to get off for our walk across the cliffs . 

Looking South over the sea . It wasn't too bad , but then looking the other way ......

It was coming over dark . 

Very dark .

It was absolutely beautiful .

However , we knew we had better get a move on ! 

I was prepared as usual with my raincoat , but worried about being struck by lightening . 

He said he didn't need his rain coat and had left it in the car .

Looking  back the other way , we noticed the cows were running .
  No idea why and thankfully there is a little valley just about where there is a faint line that you can see in this photo . They all ran down there and we didn't stop to see if they were still coming after that !

Laughing ,we just about managed to get back to the car before the rain hit .

Not very good pictures of the rain .

Trust me it was raining .

Strangely , there was no one down on the beach .There are usually at least two or three people on surfboards bobbing about in the sea .

Then home for a nice cuppa tea .

Slow and easy Sunday morning


I didn't feel well as I awoke this morning . I woke up feeling quite tired . I wonder where I,d been in my dreams , it must have been quite an adventure ...but I can't remember  .

I watered everything in the greenhouse and shed  and hung out the washing that I had done overnight .

Then took a wander around the garden . Too hot to do anything . Kernow Weather Team forecast for two or three hours of glorious sunshine ,then clouding over and then for hit and miss rain showers which could be heavy and contain hail later . 

  I hope that I can get my washing dry , but if it does rain , then that too will be good , as the garden is so dry right now .

My favourite tiny species and very rare Lathyrus belinensis  is flowering . This one is such a little beauty .

Of all the Sweetpeas this is my favourite .

All the Roses are beginning to bloom now too . It is so hot again this morning . 

Up in the vegetable garden , the courgettes are a coming .

The bunnykins have had a feast on this row of onions . They were the spare left over ones that I just stuck in to have as spring onions .
All the rest of the onion sets are safe under environmesh .

I lift up the environmesh to to reveal blue Speedwell busily taking over .

The tiny delicate flowers are quite enchanting though and I lay down to take a closer look at them .

So I enjoyed them and then began to clear them  .

Too hot to be doing this . I need to get this bed surrounded with chicken wire to keep my bunny friends out .

So I did what I could then pulled the mesh back over them and lay back down under the palm tree .

This Phoenix  canariensis is quite old now and  the trunk is "going up".

 Where I have cut old leaves off , there are little pockets where plants are finding their way in , such as this lovely white foxglove from some I grew a couple of  years ago .

I was thinking of filling some of these pockets with Sempervivums and other such things ...

......but I have held back from doing so after discovering a Robin has made her nest in there !

I lay back and looked up to the blue sky through the branches .

So tall , lush and green .

I have cut off the sharp spines at the base of the lowest leaves , to protect our grandchildren from hurting themselves on them ( and me ) .

Through the leaves I watch a buzzard circling around far up high in the blue sky . 

Feeling sleepy .

Then I spotted this ....

Oh ! My Goodness !  Jumps up grabbing camera !

Then my husband yelling " Look up !  Behind you ! " 

Oh ! My goodness me , another one ,  right over my head being chased off by our Raven . Husband yelling "Quickly !"

We haven't seen a Kite for a couple of years now , although there are said to be several pairs over at Predannack .

They circled around for a while , very interested in our Raven's nest up in our pine tree , but she saw them off ! 

I lay back down again and had another little doze under the palm tree .

Not for long though , as I get heat stroke very easily .

I needn't have worried about that though !

Kernow Weather Team were spot on with today's weather forecast . Thankyou Kernow Weather Team !

I quickly brought the washing in , all dry , happy me .

I hope you are having a beautiful Sunday too  x

Saturday 28 May 2022

Sunrise this morning

                                 Up early to water the vegetable garden . 

Friday 27 May 2022

Too hot to work in the garden today .


It has been too hot for me to work in the garden today . 

I took a walk around the meadow and found a cool and shady place to lay down for  a while  .

Close my eyes . Breathe in the sweet fragrance of Nature .

Softly buzzing bumble bees  and Swallows swooping overhead .

I lay and watched this Buzzard being chased away .

Too hot for anything ....we waited until later to head off for our walk .

Not a cloud in the sky .

 Skylarks making their happy sounds , singing their tiny hearts out .

           This Kestrel made my day . 

Not very good pictures , he was so fast !

Unfortunately the Sun does not like me . So it will be an early start again tomorrow . Maybe another weeding frenzy . Last year , it seemed to me to be the year of Ivy . This year it seems to be the year of the Stinging Nettles .
 Wishing all you lovelies a peaceful weekend  . Kisses x