Sunday 25 May 2014

Lake District Memories

 O.K. So just a few more memories to share with you of our short stay in the Lake District .

 I scrabbled down a steep rocky bank to get this snap of the rare Meconopsis cambrica or Yellow Welsh Poppy . There was a lovely water fall close by too ..just love exploring !

                                  A gorgeous green mossy dry stone wall .

      ......and there were lots and lots of characterful sheep and springy Spring lambs ! : )

Saint Patrick's Church Patterdale Lovely Lake District

 Hallo again my dear friends !  Me and my toothache have been away on a little holiday .
Spring comes early to us down in Cornwall and so lovely , we decided to go up country and see it all over again up in the lovely Lake District .We stayed in Ullswater for a couple of days .....and it is just so so beautiful the misty mountains , the lake, the wild flowers the sheep and the little lambs ....we have stayed here before and love it .
  I was determined this time to visit  Patterdale  which is just a short drive away ,at the other end of the lake . I was SO looking forward to stepping inside Saint Patrick's Church .

I wasn,t to be disappointed , We were given such a warm welcome by the ladies there , setting up ready for the 11o'clock Sunday service . They were happy for me to take photographs and show me around . ...and for this I thank them from my heart ...

Some few months ago , I was lucky to find and buy this lovely old needlework book . Well , It's actually a folder of embroidery patterns.I cant wait to stitch something from this treasure !
              A Portfolio of Designs for Embroidery   by  Joan Drew  1929

I have been trying to find , well , anything really about her .
 So I was delighted to see this wall hanging that she had made  .

Then I discovered that here in the church are  also  three important works of art  ,in crewel wool embroidery , by Ann Macbeth . Both of these gifted ladies have a history of studying and working at Glasgow School of Art . Ann Macbeth 1875-1948 became Head of the Embroidery Department . Both ladies very important names in the Arts and Crafts Movement . I really want to know more , so please tell if you know more , especially about Joan Drew, please let me know !

                                     The Good Shepherd by Ann Macbeth

                                     The Patterdale Nativity  by Ann Macbeth
           This is sadly only a copy, the original ,I am told , is in a museum in Glasgow .
                  It should be here in Patterdale ! The lovely ladies told me that they have been to see it and it is beautiful ! ...but this is a very good copy of it !
I love the intimate scene .... sweet Virgin Mary looking on as the Angel tickles the little Lord Jesus on Hos nose with a dandelion clock !
I love the wild flowers in both these pictures ..and we saw most of them as we walked through the countryside .

I loved this banner too, though not sure who made it. It says " PEACE WHEN THOU COMEST AND WHEN THOU GOEST THY FOOTSTEPS ECHO PEACE "

This church is alive and faith filled ! You always know when you see the children's corner and things they,ve made. Here's the colourful " Our Dale....Patterdale Quilt "

 I love the fox and that fat old owl and the mother badger nuzzling her little cub below a cresent moon up in the deep violet night sky .
The kneelers , as usual so many little personal works of art  and the Altar Cloths ....

...and lectern covers ..simple but beautifully executed gold-work and silk embroidery .

                Saint Patrick's  is a uniting Anglican and Methodist Church .

                                          Sunday Service is at 11 am

                                                Everyone welcome