Sunday 31 January 2021

Snowdrops in the Hedgerow - buds


We took a walk along the lane to see the Snowdrops in the hedgerow . They are growing along both the bottom and the top of this ancient Cornish hedge . I look forward  to seeing them at this time of the year .

Well look , here they are ! They are just pushing up their buds . The petals beautifully encased.... no ...surrounded by one long thin leaf  around the edge .

Ah ! There is just one sweet bud that has begun to push it's way out !
We will visit again in a couple more days .

 How is the weather with you ? It is mild but very gloomy here and the rain ! Oh ! the rain !

Rain , Rain ! Go Away ! Come again another day !


                               First Snowdrops of 2021 in my garden today !