Saturday, 5 June 2021

Epie buds - Open


Great excitement ! Like Christmas Eve ! I can't wait for the morning to come and dash up to the greenhouse .

...and there they are ! I begin taking photos as I skip past the greenhouse window !

There is a sweet heady fragrance in the air as I open the greenhouse door .

                                                       I am in love !

Epie Buds - the waiting


I waited up until about 11.30pm for these buds to open and then just couldn't stay awake any longer .

                                So I will have to wait until the morning .

Friday, 4 June 2021

Runnerbean Frame 2021 and Planting out Squashes


     I put up the Runnerbean frame yesterday . Slightly differently to how I usually do it .  The cross bar lower down so that the beans hang out from the foliage and I can see them and harvest them more easily .

 The Runnerbean plants are still waiting in the wings to be planted out as I need to fix up more chicken wire around this bed . These young plants can wait a bit longer and I will be sowing more bean seeds later on too . 

The Squashes however really needed to be planted out now and so I cracked on with that in the afternoon .

                                          Courgettes and  Butternuts

I fixed up a length of pig wire for them to climb on and watered them in .

                                        Meanwhile in the greenhouse .......

                                 ......... another lovely Epiphyllum flower .