Saturday 2 December 2023

Frost !

                                  Woke up to a beautiful sunrise across a frosted meadow .

                                                Brrrrr ........Lit the fire .

Friday 1 December 2023

It's going to be very, very cold tonight !

 Someone told me that temps are possibly going down to -5 degrees tonight !  

                      Brrr....we are not used to that kind of cold !  

 I have thrown some hessian sack cloth over the big Agave . It has large slate tiles around it's base to make the rain run away from it's roots . They really don't like rain .

Many places around Cornwall had snow yesterday . Here on the Lizard Peninsula , we just had rain . Lots of it ! 

                           Checked the cover on the outside tap is secure .

                             Thrown newspapers over my precious ones .

Lit the lantern with three 8hour candles . I hope this will take the extreme chill off . The greenhouse is slightly flooded after yesterday's relentless torrential rain . There is nothing I can do about it except just hope for the best . 

Back outside , I check the fleece is down over my Sweet-peas . Let's have a peek inside and see how they're doing .

                                          They are all germinating ! Look !

                             Something to look forward to next Spring .

                             Earlier today the sun shone in the blue sky . It's been lovely !

The Dogwoods have dropped their leaves and the red stems are gleaming .

                                                  Lots of berries on the Holly for the wildlife .

                                     We took our walk over the cliff fields .

                               Sunny but very cold . Good to get out though . 

                               I lit the fire when we got home.  Cosy and warm .

I started writing a few Christmas cards and this evening I'm doing a little more of my embroidery .

                               Hope all is well with you 🕊️❄️🤍 x

Thursday 16 November 2023

Sweetpea sowing time again !


                                              Something to look forward to next Spring . 

I scattered three packets of Sweetpea seeds into this tub and stirred them in . Push in 5 old canes and wrapped them up with a couple of sheets of fleece . These should be starting to come up by Christmas .

Still waiting for my audiology hospital appointment . I haven't even got a date yet . I have loss of hearing in my left ear , hyperacusis and tinnitus . I am feeling so uncomfortable . 
 This has taken away all the pleasure that I usually have in my garden and just day to day living , for almost a whole year . I have had a hearing aid mold taken for sometime in the future but I can't have a hearing aid until they help me with sound sensitivity .  Trying to keep positive . 🌿