Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Harvest time


Not a bumper harvest , nor any prize winning sized vegetables .

Just a slow but sure and steady flow of different things every day .


And flowers for the vase .

 I want to grow more Dahlias next year . I love them !

These Runner beans are "Montecute Runners" a heritage variety that has been grown in Somerset since at least the 19th century . These were given to me by heritage seed guardian Adam Alexander .

He describes them as being reliable , heavy cropping and with good  flavour , which I didn't really quite believe , but  now I have tried them , I must agree , they really are very nice indeed . 

 I am saving a good number of the pods to ripen fully this time , so I can grow them again next year and hopefully get a much bigger harvest .

Those Peppers are Sweet Pepper Rainbow Mini-bell and I was a bit disappointed with these  . They didn't produce the lovely selection of colours as on the picture on the seed packet . The green ones were lovely and of course they ripened up to beautiful red . There were no orange or bright yellow ones at all ....just these very insipid tasting cream ones . They did  grow to a nice snack sized fruit though and I still have some more to come in the greenhouse . I will save the seeds from that green/red one . 

The Courgettes are only just beginning to come now , having only produced male flowers up until now .....and it's the same with the Butternuts for the second year in a row . I only have one Spaghetti Squash on the way , that I am growing for my daughter .

It has grown quite a bit bigger since I took this photo of it , my daughter will be pleased to know ! 

 It still didn't refill the water-butt completely , but everything has certainly benefited from this recent heavy shower of rain .

                                                    Some for the freezer !

                                                       Happy harvesting all ! 

Friday, 13 August 2021

Crinum x powellii

                            Crinum x powellii looking it's fabulous best right now .

We have two huge clumps of these giant bulbs . I would like to divide them up and put some in other parts of the garden , but it is impossible , they really have their roots down deep and they just do not want to be pulled up !

 I'm not giving up .  I will try again , after we have some seriously heavy rain and the earth is soft .

Monday, 9 August 2021

Impatiens tinctoria

I just love the flowers of Impatiens tinctoria and it does very well in my garden.

It comes from cooler and damper regions of East Africa , Ethiopia , Uganda , Kenya , Malawi , Zambia , where it is found beside streams and damp places .

The tinctoria part of it's name gives a clue to the use of it's tuberous roots , as a dye . Used in a similar way to Henna , for dyeing hands and feet . The dye produced from the tubers is red , also used for dyeing  cloth .

It has medicinal uses - being used to treat fungal infections such as ringworm and athelete's foot .It has other medicinal uses too , but I would not discuss nor recommend them here .

I grow it simply because I love the flowers . Butterflies, bees and pretty Hoverflies all love it too .

Unlike pretty pink Impatiens glandulifera ,which is also more commonly known as Himalayan balsam or Policeman's Helmet which is an evil aggressively , seed popping , invasive thug .... this one , Impatiens tinctoria is not invasive at all . 

It grows into a nice well behaved clump  !    (and here in my garden in Cornwall , it doesn't pop its seeds at all ! )  

It dies back and goes dormant over the Winter months .

 My clump of Impatiens tinctora has been in the ground in my garden for over ten years and is still a nice well behaved clump of about no more than two feet wide . 
 In my big tidy up yesterday , I cut it right back to the lowest new forming shoots and I will give it a good mulch . It will have enjoyed all the heavy rain showers we,ve been having and hopefully it will give me a second display of it's beautiful , sweet scented blooms through August .