Friday 2 July 2021

Weeding again and the Planting out of Leeks


                                                    Weeding again !

I had sown Coriander and Dill here , but it wasn't the only thing to germinate in this bed . I think maybe it was because of weed seeds in the manure I had put down here last Autumn .



I harvested a lovely dish full of the Coriander and Dill to add to a couple of salads and cleared the bed ready to plant out my Leeks . I have plenty more of these delicious leaves growing in the veg trug .

                         The Leeks I grew from seed , almost pencil thickness .

I don't want to leave it any later than now to plant them out . I don't trim the roots or the leaves . 

I simply make the holes and drop the baby Leeks in ! I don't fill in the holes , but do make sure there is a tiny bit of compost/earth over the roots at the very bottom of the hole . 

Then I water each one carefully with the watering can to settle them in .

                                                It works for me ! 

I sat back to relieve my aching knees and this darling baby Robin flew over my shoulder and sat on my hand for a few moments then hopped about to see what he could find to eat . It was a very magic moment that took my breath away .

                                      I was very glad of that kneeler !

                                             Oh ! Yes ! You are so sweet ! 

  I planted out as many as I could here . I will have to think again , about where I can plant the rest of them .

I also planted some Purple Sprouting Broccoli in this bed . The Leeks and the P.S.B. will be ready to harvest next Spring , during the so called "hungry gap" when little else is growing in the veg garden .

I watered everything in , made sure the baby Robin was out of there , then threw the netting over it all , fastening it all down well .

We didn't get the storm that was forecast , but we did have some rain . Then the next morning was extremely hot , too hot for me to work in the garden until the evening . I think it will be the same today and so later on I will be weeding the Fennel bed . My brother bought me the seeds and I,m very excited about having Fennel again ! 

I don't know about you , but it's the wheeling away of the wheelbarrow to the compost heap and the putting away of the tools at the end of a gardening session like this , which is the hardest job to do !