Friday 25 January 2019

Nearly the end of January ...already !

            A quick round up of some of the flowers in my garden today  .
                               It's beginning to look a lot like Spring !
 I,m doing a bit of embroidery's our cottage and the garden challenge is to do a little of it every day through the year....and just making it up as I go . If you are interested I am going into more detail on my other journal.....         

Anyway up in the vegetable garden I,m busy mulching and pulling out nettles .

 What's in Daisy's shopping basket today ? Well I found this lovely heart , in a charity shop .

                                      Perfect to go on my kitchen door !

    Meanwhile in the kitchen , more experiments on the kitchen windowsill  .
                                           More on this next time !

Monday 21 January 2019

Oh ! What a Beautiful Morning !

Blood Moon Eclipse - Mullion - Did you see it ?

  Unfortunately my camera couldn't pick up the red on the eclipsed side of the Moon I am so glad that I managed to get myself out of my nice cosy warm bed , pull on my wellies and get outside to see it with my  own eyes !
                                The shadowed side was glowering red .

A huge meteorite fell below the Moon ... did anyone else in Mullion see it  ? Did you get a good pic of that or film of it ?  Because that was such a big meteorite !!

You'll just have to trust me !... here it was showing the best red colour at total eclipse  . Camera just couldn't pick up on the red colour . Drat ! Drat ! and thrice Drat !

We were blessed with a fairly clear sky , all the stars were shining bright .
                    Just so beautiful , cold but not freezing here in Mullion .
I am sure that lots of people with  better cameras than mine will have snapped some great pictures of this Blood Moon Eclipse event .
 On the news we were told that this would be a"Super Blood Moon Eclipse "
  It was only complaint being that it didn't look "Super sized " as we were led to believe that it would be was just normal size to my eyes .
 I,m becoming fed up of the over use of the word " super " just lately !

                   Anyway.......this morning's Sunrise was fabulous !

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Happy New Year 2019 Violets down our lane .

 Happy New Year my lovely friends ! Well this is just a very quick one today ....our little dog is poorly again ...another trip to the vet and more medicine ...once again she is improving...but we are only going on very short walkies at the moment .
  Today we walked to the top of our pretty Cornish lane in Mullion and were cheered to see lots of lovely Violets .

                               Violets down our lane on 2nd January 2019