Friday, 25 January 2019

Nearly the end of January ...already !

            A quick round up of some of the flowers in my garden today  .
                               It's beginning to look a lot like Spring !
 I,m doing a bit of embroidery's our cottage and the garden challenge is to do a little of it every day through the year....and just making it up as I go . If you are interested I am going into more detail on my other journal.....         

Anyway up in the vegetable garden I,m busy mulching and pulling out nettles .

 What's in Daisy's shopping basket today ? Well I found this lovely heart , in a charity shop .

                                      Perfect to go on my kitchen door !

    Meanwhile in the kitchen , more experiments on the kitchen windowsill  .
                                           More on this next time !


  1. Spring? Really? ;-)
    Just trying to get rid of some snow here!
    Thank you for your visit :-)

    1. We had a little snow shower yesterday..I called out to my husband.."look it's snowing ! " lasted one minute..and then stopped . We rarely get any snow or frost here on the Lizard , Cornwall .