Sunday 25 February 2024

Davallia humata tyermannii 🌿 The Tarantula Fern 🌿


Another plant that has been enjoying all this rain is my Tarantula Fern .

I took it outside to catch some rain just before the cold spell of weather started and forgot about it .

We've had a couple of days of torrential rain now and I remembered that I'd left it outside , but it looks quite happy .

                        It's  rhizomes look not unlike a Tarantula Spider's legs .

                         Hopefully I can get a couple of cuttings off it . 🌿

The offshoots will be in amongst the leaves at the top of those trailing furry rhizomes  . 

I have brought it back indoors again , so it can enjoy the warmth of the porch .



        Today's weather .......  ( on the Lizard Cornwall )



                                           πŸŒ§️ .....but feeling a bit warmer  🌧️

Saturday 24 February 2024



Primroses are enjoying the rain anyway !   


Friday 23 February 2024



                                                                   Gone ! 

Wednesday 21 February 2024



Recharged the lawn mower batteries and got it going again . Finished cutting the labyrinth path .

It always looks a bit scruffy at this time of the year .

I need to rake out any moss and sharpen up it's tail . I like it to be as an eagle in the sky .
 So next time I cut it I will try and more clearly define it's tail .

Here's the Monkey Puzzle tree that I planted out and hopefully all this rain we're having will settle it in nicely .

Went to visit my good belly dancing friend over in Truro and discovered that I'm not the only one into embroidery , (and ..shhh .....old dolls and doll house things ! ) She also has one heck of a fabulous garden ! I wish I'd taken my camera with me .

 Anyway we had a lovely time nattering which feels a bit strange for me .

Well , Jessica comes from time to time which is nice , but apart from that I rarely talk to anyone at all .

                  🌿I cherish my peace and quiet .πŸ•Š️🌿

Just my blackbird and robin in the garden most of the time plants  ,  the occasional squirrel .

              So I'm feeling happier today . Who cares about the rain !  


"Mission Part One Complete " - Emptied out all the plants 🌿


Monday 19 February 2024

Veltheimia bracteata - South African Forest Lily Flowers 🩷🌿


The Veltheimia bracteata - South African Forest Lily  on my kitchen windowsill  , beginning to open her flower buds .

Not much to show you as today was spent clearing out three more heavy wheelbarrow loads of my cacti and succulents and bringing them into the porch and summerhouse .

I am in trouble for breaking the new (but secondhand) lawnmower . No idea what I did wrong but now it doesn't work . Maybe something to do with the batteries over heating or something . No idea .... but it was me ...I broke it . 

 So here's another pic of the lovely Veltheimia bracteata South African Forest Lily .

And another ...... the only thing that made me feel happy today .  

Oh ....and I planted out the other Monkey Puzzle Tree that I grew from seed/nut .πŸ’ That also made me feel happy  . 

The photo came out pink due to the amazing light we had just before the sun set .

I'll get some better photos of the little Monkey Puzzle tree tomorrow hopefully .

       Aching , feeling unloved and flaming fed up with a stupid lawnmower  !


Friday 16 February 2024

Getting a New Greenhouse Soon ! 🌿🌺🌡🐌


                                     Where have all the Epiphyllums gone ? !

Well , I'm getting a new greenhouse soon ,as this one is falling to pieces . Spent most of the day moving out cacti and succulents .

I need to repot most of them , but only had time to give them a quick tidy up with my scissors . Then into the wheelbarrow and down to the the front porch .

I managed to take out the big scary ones down at the back of the greenhouse . Opuntias and one huge Esposta ( I think it is ) I need to renew all their labels too .

                       Leuchtenbergia principis 🌿

                                 Euphorbia stellata 🌿

I managed to squirrel most of the Epies into the porch ...the big dangerous Opuntias in the far corner .

There's still space to squeeze a few more little cactus sweeties in here .

There are two shelves up above and a couple of hooks for hanging baskets . They should be o.k up there while the old greenhouse is being taken down and until the new one is built .

The new one is going to be the same size and style as the old one ( even though I could easily fill one three times the size ! ) πŸ™πŸ»I did try begging for a bigger one ,πŸ’°πŸ’° but funds would not stretch to that and really ..... I am grateful truly for the new one that is coming . 🀍🌿

It's been a lovely sunny day here and I am so pleased to have got this ..well ..almost done .

I will carry on with it tomorrow . πŸ’šπŸŒ΅πŸ’šπŸŒΏ

Wednesday 14 February 2024

Happy St Valentine's Day !



Tuesday 13 February 2024

Meanwhile in the potting shed ...


I took the seedlings up to the shed to make a start pricking out and potting on .

                                Cucumbers Femspot .

Tomatoes Alicante and F1 Supersweet100 I did those yesterday and thought they'd all be dead by the morning ...but they all look fine  ! The Sweet Peppers "Corno di Toro Rosso"  will be going back onto my bedroom windowsill  for a little bit longer .

Dahlia tubers that I ordered arrived yesterday .  One of these was badly broken up . There were seven loose tubers in the bag , these won't grow as they have no stem .  I contacted the company sending them a message and photo of this and the person I spoke to was quite unhelpful  saying that they are packed by machine that sometimes breaks them up . She told me that even if there was only one or two tubers attached to the main stem , that I would get a plant from it . There were only a couple attached to the main stem . The thing is it won't be as good a plant as it would be with all of those tubers had still been attached kind of obvious isn't it ? Why put those loose and useless tubers in the bag ?!  She told me to contact them again if it doesn't grow . 

I am so disappointed , they were expensive . I have bought from them before and they have been excellent . Not this time .

We're having a new fence and so I had to dig up a clump of rhubarb that was growing under and through the middle of the old fence . Probably the wrong time to do this but had no choice . Now I have to think about where to re-plant it . 

Sweet Peppers "Corno di Toro Rosso" back on the windowsill till they are a little bit bigger . 

The sun tried to come out through the mist but failed . Walking across the cliff fields , it was so nice to meet up with friends and play ball with their dogs  .

 I have fleece ready to throw over the seedlings in the shed if it should turn cold . It is misty and mild at the moment .

            That's all for now ! 

                        πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹ Got to go and do some pancakes  !  πŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹

Sunday 11 February 2024

Grapevine Arch Down again !


                     Oh no !

It's fallen down again .....sigh .....

I spent two hours digging these holes deeper than before , but the frame refused to drop into position and I haven't a clue how to make cement or concrete or whatever and even if I did the frame is about twenty years old now and very rickety .So actually it would be stupid to concrete it in for it just to rot away and crumble . 

We need a new frame and I think a much larger kind of a frame ,like four posts and half posts along the top . Husband wants another arch the same as before , but the vine is huge now and really heavy when in full growth .  It was very heavy while not in full growth . 

So I have untangled all of the branches off the frame .

And cut it up for kindling .

I have left a good amount of the vine and now I will have to leave it  . Until he decides .

 It will begin growing again soon .  I will have to tie it in along the fence .

I am thinking of planting my other Monkey Puzzle Tree there instead . It would look fabulous in that corner .

Back to the woodchip pile .

 So I shovelled three wheelbarrow loads and spread it around the birdbath bed to smarten it up a bit . 

The little daffodils are going to be lovely .I was feeling so upset about my grapevine .....

.....but the Snowdrops cheered me up and I found a couple of Agave off -shoots in amongst them .

I pulled them out and quickly potted them up . 

I had a quick tidy up to finish off , I'm trying to get rid of any plastic rubbish or general junk that is lying around . 

This old lawn mower for example , just waiting for someone to trip over it . Time for it to be gone !

That's all for today , I can't do anymore . Exhausted ! I managed to hang out the washing , but now it's time for a flop !