Sunday 11 February 2024

Grapevine Arch Down again !


                     Oh no !

It's fallen down again .....sigh .....

I spent two hours digging these holes deeper than before , but the frame refused to drop into position and I haven't a clue how to make cement or concrete or whatever and even if I did the frame is about twenty years old now and very rickety .So actually it would be stupid to concrete it in for it just to rot away and crumble . 

We need a new frame and I think a much larger kind of a frame ,like four posts and half posts along the top . Husband wants another arch the same as before , but the vine is huge now and really heavy when in full growth .  It was very heavy while not in full growth . 

So I have untangled all of the branches off the frame .

And cut it up for kindling .

I have left a good amount of the vine and now I will have to leave it  . Until he decides .

 It will begin growing again soon .  I will have to tie it in along the fence .

I am thinking of planting my other Monkey Puzzle Tree there instead . It would look fabulous in that corner .

Back to the woodchip pile .

 So I shovelled three wheelbarrow loads and spread it around the birdbath bed to smarten it up a bit . 

The little daffodils are going to be lovely .I was feeling so upset about my grapevine .....

.....but the Snowdrops cheered me up and I found a couple of Agave off -shoots in amongst them .

I pulled them out and quickly potted them up . 

I had a quick tidy up to finish off , I'm trying to get rid of any plastic rubbish or general junk that is lying around . 

This old lawn mower for example , just waiting for someone to trip over it . Time for it to be gone !

That's all for today , I can't do anymore . Exhausted ! I managed to hang out the washing , but now it's time for a flop !




  1. disappointing for you to see your grapevine support down. Maybe an obelisk type structure would be sturdier and could be dug in. I am useless at things like that and so grow anything climbing against my fence to avoid big outlay or decisions! I have seen bags of ready mix cement in diy superstores and maybe a metal structure in cement would last ages but prob be expensive! Betty.

    1. Thanks for your ideas . I need to have a re-think because the frame is falling apart.....but I still may be able to adapt it into something else or use it somewhere else in the garden .....or failing that .... firewood 🤣
      I think for the time being, I will train the vine along the fence .

  2. Can you use metaposts to secure the main post? We use them for all our fencing so the fence posts don't actually go into the soil where they can rot.

    1. 🎼🎵🎶We're reviewing , the situation .... I think we'd better work it out again ! 🎶🎵🎶 🤣