Thursday 16 November 2023

Sweetpea sowing time again !


                                              Something to look forward to next Spring . 

I scattered three packets of Sweetpea seeds into this tub and stirred them in . Push in 5 old canes and wrapped them up with a couple of sheets of fleece . These should be starting to come up by Christmas .

Still waiting for my audiology hospital appointment . I haven't even got a date yet . I have loss of hearing in my left ear , hyperacusis and tinnitus . I am feeling so uncomfortable . 
 This has taken away all the pleasure that I usually have in my garden and just day to day living , for almost a whole year . I have had a hearing aid mold taken for sometime in the future but I can't have a hearing aid until they help me with sound sensitivity .  Trying to keep positive . 🌿

Saturday 11 November 2023

🌿We will remember them 🌿


                                            🌿 We will remember them 🌿

Sunday 5 November 2023

Happiness is .........


                   A little bit of happiness I found today . Isn't this beautiful ? !

Thursday 2 November 2023

Storm Ciaran continues



Just had a quick check around and so far as I can see everybody's roofs are still on and the power hasn't gone off .  I can't see any trees down . We had torrential rain . I could do with some more sleep ! 

The weather warning , for us , is on until 11am .   ⛈️

Wednesday 1 November 2023

Storm Ciaran continued - 4pm

 So after lunch , we went for our walk at Kynance . The weather still holding out for it . Quite mild still ,and not too windy .

Camera is still playing up , hmmph .....anyway we had a good  walk  .

                                Saw these beautiful toadstools along the footpath .

The wind then began to pick up and we came home .

Brought in the dustbin and recycling tub . I took down the bird feeders and dismantled the bird bath , it fell over in the last storm and I really don't want it to get broken .... moved some more plants into the greenhouse and the shed .

Moved the car into a safe zone..we hope anyway .

It's coming up to 4pm and raining now , not too blowy as yet .

Time to have a cup of tea and fill a flask with coffee for later , in case the power goes off .

                                      ⛈️     Take care everyone   ⛈️

Storm Ciaran

                                It's  a fairly mild and sunny morning at the moment .

The clouds are building though and we have a yellow weather warning for wind and rain .

They are saying that here on the Lizard we could get hurricane force winds which is very worrying .

So poor old greenhouse is going to get a battering . We'll be worrying about our roof and surrounding trees , telegraph poles and power-lines .

I hope these trees will be o.k. I think I'll pass on working in the summer house today .

This storm will be coming in later this afternoon and continue through the night and tomorrow .

                            Candle lamps and matches at the ready for this evening . 

And a flask of soup . 

              The power usually does go off during storms here .

We might not get so much of frost and snow , but we sure do get the windy weather  !