Thursday 22 November 2018

Deck the Halls ...Christmas Tree 2018 is up !

                                        We put up our Christmas tree ! :)
We have cut down on plastic this year and I proudly hung all the embroidered felt hearts and birdies that I made .
  The tree is donkey's years old and the tinsel is recycled .The star on the top I made way back in 1977 the year of our wedding ,to go on our first Christmas tree in our first home ,It is made very simply out of cardboard and kitchen foil .....and has a picture of the Nativity in it's centre , a little bit more tinsel and a green ribbon to tie it on with .  It comes out every year .... simple but special to my family .
 I wasn't feeling very Christmassy ..but in decorating the Christmas tree the happy memories come flooding back .
  I was quite happy to not use fairy lights..but my husband loves them ! We will have a little "switching on of the fairy lights" ceremony , on the first Sunday of Advent ...which is not too far away now on December 2nd 2018 .
 Our little wooden Nativity set figures are out on the dresser . I need to make a new stable for them .
  I wish everyone of my American friends a very Happy Thanksgiving .