Sunday 21 November 2021

Winter is coming


They are saying that it is going to turn chilly tonight . It has been a lovely sunny afternoon and a clear blue sky.  I took this pic just now , around 4pm and I can feel the temperature dropping . There is not the slightest breeze . We don't often get frost here , but I thought I'd better throw some fleece over the cacti in the greenhouse . I don't think I need to light the lantern yet though .

I brought some wood in to fill the log basket and remembered why I wasn't supposed to be doing much this afternoon . I had my Covid Booster Vaccine this morning and my arm is feeling a little bit bruised , but only when I do something stupid like carrying in a load of logs in or if I accidently bump it somehow . It will soon fade . 

                   Ouch ! 

So I took myself off for a walk around the garden , to check the outside tap is wrapped and to throw some covers over a few precious plants  and just to enjoy the loveliness of  Autumn .

The surrounding fields of maize have now all been cut and taken away leaving lots of broken bits scattered about for the crows . This Buzzard surprised me flying overhead , being chased off by the crows . You can click and make my pictures bigger by the way .

I have been thinking about maybe leaving the bean poles up through the Winter this year . The Runnerbeans surprised me this year , by coming back from the previous year . It seems that they can be perennial .. They are still green now , although they have stopped flowering .

I have left the chicken wire up surrounding them and have been throwing in lots of fallen leaves and grass clippings . 

It will all make great compost for next years crops .

We have been picking and enjoying lovely fresh sprouts . Some for the freezer too , but I like to have everything freshly picked as and when they are ready and in the right season ! 

The Crab Apples are a blaze of colour !

I love the Common Alder tree , with it's catkins and teeny tiny cones . I think it is my favourite tree and I felt truly blessed to find one in our garden , when we first came to live here .

All trees are my favourite tree !  ha ha !

The Bees ! The Bees ! They are delighted to find my Mahonia bush full of golden , honey scented blossom . 

I picked a small spray and some of the last remaining Roses . The sound of the bees and the sweet scent of the Roses took my mind back to the warm days of Summer .

I am surprised at how many roses there are still blooming . As they fade , so the hips bring welcome cheery colour into my Winter garden .

The greenhouse is all ready for the Winter . As prepared as I can make it anyway .

The Labyrinth needs mowing , but it will just have to wait till my arm feels better .

A big  ol' Bumble Bee  having a rest in the warm sunshine on a garden seat .

My thoughts turn back to covering  up the Agaves , just for the night and uncover them again  in the morning . Look at the Acer " Bloodgood " losing it's leaves . Another job that I can't do at the moment with my sore arm .

Acers know when Winter is imminent  . 

They just know .

They are always right .

Agave salmiana ferox 

I really need to replace this tatty old cloche , but I just can't find one big enough Fortunately this Agave is one of the more hardy ones `.  This will have to do for tonight , but I think I can do a better job of it when my arm is better .

Agave number two , totally surrounded with a choir of Giant Echiums . I can't wait to see those all in flower next year or maybe the year after . They have completely swamped my Dahlias ,which I had planned to take up, but which will now,  just have to remain where they are .

Agave number three , both of this cloches are really a bit too small for these Agaves .Once again I need to find bigger ones . Where ? Where can I buy giant and really sturdy cloches from ? 

I am going to try and rig something up with a clear tarpaulin . Just thinking about it . It needs to be easy to throw on and then take off easily again in the morning . 

This is still flowering away happily . . . . but may not be happy with tonight's temperature . Impatiens tinctoria will eventually die right back and come back in the Spring .

Rosa Bonica - has lots of beautiful orange red hips . Lovely for Winter flower arranging .

Thinking about making Advent Wreath .

Tomorrow I will gather all the things I will need . 

Sorry to go on about my sore arm , it will be fine again very soon :)

Wrap up warm and I wish you a peaceful evening .  x