Tuesday 23 June 2015

Back in my Garden

 We,ve painted the summer house ,put up some pretty dolphins , chased away the spiders, moved out our grandsons toy tractor...so now I can sit and relax in there once again.
 Thats my daughters little dog ....and do you like my new summer dress ? I bought it in the CHSW  Childrens Hospice South West shop in Helston....raising money for those short and precious lives and their families .
I am so pleased with it ! It is nice and cool and loose over my sore tummy .
.......and  purple ! : )   I ,ve also got out that old straw hat again . I,m abit of a " Second -hand Rose "
         Aaah ! It's good to see a bit more of the sunshine once again  .

                                                 I,ve been stitching this .....

              .....but now I,m stitching this ....and as I sat and stitched ,  I looked across the garden and noticed something peculiar going on with this Agave potatorum .

                                                       ....what's going on ?

                                       It's beginning to put up a flower spire !

Mullion Cove to The Lover's Rock

Every day now , we take a walk ....and everyday I,m pushing myself a little further . This is a favourite  little walk of ours....from Mullion Cove to the Lover's Rock .
Some days we,ve had quite thick drifting fog .........

.              .....but then .....when the sun comes out ....it is breathtaking up here  .....

                            .......and we walk along to the Lover's Rock  ..........

                         ........ where one can look across to ancient caves.....

    There are beautiful wild flowers here and lichens growing on the branches of the bushes and even on the rock .

Friday 12 June 2015

Meanwhile Outside in the Garden

So as you know I,m recovering from a big operation ..... I think that the last thing I did out here was planting  out Autumn onion sets and my White Foxglove seedlings .
 I had been looking forward to seeing an orchestra of white foxgloves !
Unable to push the lawnmower , my wonderful husband has been taking care of the Labyrinth ...it is looking really good !

         I still cant do very much , but lovely to watch the bees around these flowers , I, ll have lots of seeds to gather for next year .... and maybe some to share  !

I keep telling my husband to keep the garage door closed and make sure there aren't any swallows flown in !  I wouldn't want them to get trapped inside there .

 My favourite rose at the moment is Rosa Glauca .I love its simple pink flower against those gorgeous blue leaves .
Rain coming over night will hopefully bring up the Little Gem Lettuces ,Kale , French , purple podded and runner beans that I,ve sown .
I managed to get a little sleep last night , nice to listen to the rain on my window .

Wednesday 10 June 2015

St Mary's Shawl Ministry

                                                       Thankyou SO much !

I shed tears...and more tears.....of joy ...when I came home to find Father John had called and left this in the porch for me . I cant tell you what comfort this is bringing to me ....and to know I am in your prayers . Thankyou  so so much !

      My shawl is just beautiful , such lovely colours and it smells so lovely too !