Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Back in my Garden

 We,ve painted the summer house ,put up some pretty dolphins , chased away the spiders, moved out our grandsons toy tractor...so now I can sit and relax in there once again.
 Thats my daughters little dog ....and do you like my new summer dress ? I bought it in the CHSW  Childrens Hospice South West shop in Helston....raising money for those short and precious lives and their families .
I am so pleased with it ! It is nice and cool and loose over my sore tummy .
.......and  purple ! : )   I ,ve also got out that old straw hat again . I,m abit of a " Second -hand Rose "
         Aaah ! It's good to see a bit more of the sunshine once again  .

                                                 I,ve been stitching this .....

              .....but now I,m stitching this ....and as I sat and stitched ,  I looked across the garden and noticed something peculiar going on with this Agave potatorum .

                                                       ....what's going on ?

                                       It's beginning to put up a flower spire !

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  1. Just lovely photographs again, your 'cabin' looks just the place for you to relax in. You'll be able to observe the agave blooming, and I noticed it is nearly the same colour as your summer house.