Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Misty Morning


A misty murky sunrise here this morning . There is the eerie sound of the fog horn coming from the Lizard Lighthouse .....also the Cuckoo .

I dreamt rabbits came and ate my new Rosemary plants . I dashed out to check them ...they are fine .

Those are Egyptian Onions .

They have little onion bulbils on top that can be used in cooking , actually you can use the whole plant .

Of course I am growing much nicer and bigger onions and Leeks . The point is these are perennial .

I also have a perennial celery and a huge clump of Daubentons Kale  .Daubentons kale (sorry I couldn't find a pic of that .....ugh ..where's that photo gone ? I'll post one of that later on 🙄 )

Cornish Leeks are in several places about the garden and hedgerow too .

I always hang the hose over the perennial celery make sure it always catches the last drips after watering and as I go back to urn off the water tap . It loves and benefits from more water than other things .

I take the occasional leaf to add to salads and sandwiches .

Cavolo nero black kale is tastier than the perennial kale ...husband says I should take out the perennial things to make more space for other veggies , but I think we should always have something growing in the garden in case of emergency . He asks"what could we use them for ?"  hmmm... soup ...or what about bubble and squeak ! Yum ! We usually have potatoes in the basket in the kitchen .

Mmm ...bubble and squeak ..haven't  had that for a while ...feeling hungry now .

So no sunrise pics this morning but in the greenhouse  I am thrilled to see a couple of Epie blooms .

This is one of  my favourites . Epiphyllum var " Purple Delight "

That's all for now . I'm hurting from digging yesterday , so I'm going to TRY and not do anything in the garden today . 

I try to be "no dig" but sometimes it seems impossible !

So today is going to be a "put my feet up and do some embroidery day !" "Yay !"


Tuesday, 17 May 2022

Wild Waves


Before I head off to bed (because I am so tired after so much digging ) I thought you'd like to see the waves here this evening .

Rosemary hedge and African Keyhole Vegetable Bed update


Under the watchful eye of my little Robin friend , I got straight back to work .

I made some steps by eye to roughly the size of the paving slabs and trod the earth down firmly .

I'm not doing cement as these steps will only be temporary and only me stepping onto them . 

I may even change my mind .

I took up the paving slabs from where the Rosemary hedge will be and sort of "walked" them over to the Keyhole bed . I only had to lift them the last part of the way .

Then I planted the three beautiful Rosemary plants in through the weed membrane . I am thinking about putting gravel or wood chippings around them to look more attractive until they fill out . 

I am so happy to have at last planted my little Rosemary Hedge . It is one of my favourite herbs .

I was interested to see that my plants were grown in West Sussex by John Benfield . They were lovely healthy looking plants so I wanted to give him a mention .

I finished off weeding around the back of the keyhole bed and raked it forward  a little . I will fix chicken wire around this bed and then I think we will be ready to plant out the Butternuts .

I just need to think about where the two Lavenders are going to go  .

But that is all I'm doing today folks !   

The one where I go out to plant a Rosemary hedge ....


Do you remember the teeny weeny Rosemary plug plants that I bought last Autumn . They died !

So , I spent a little bit more this time ( not too much more though ) on three more from Tescos . Also bought a couple of Lavenders to replace the ancient one that I had to take out recently .

Last year , I had wanted to make a Rosemary hedge , but for some reason it wasn't going to happen and I decided to put down some weed membrane and paving slabs temporarily . I think it was because I couldn't find any more Rosemary plants to replace the ones that had died . Yes, that was it  and I was so cross with myself for not buying better quality plants in the first place . 

I was delighted to find these healthy looking Rosemary plants in our supermarket  and the Lavender was from Trevena Cross Nursery Breage .

So today we are expecting proper rain and I thought it would be good to plant them out , which meant I had to take up the paving slabs and weed membrane .

So then I had to think about where I was going to put them ...the paving slabs, that is .

It doesn't matter what I go to do in the garden , there is always something else that has to be done first !

Over the last five years or so , I have been experimenting with the African idea of a Keyhole vegetable bed . As you can see here , it has been quite successful for me . Click to enlarge the picture .

Here it is again without so many plants in it so you can see it has a large plastic tub/well for watering into ,in the centre  and the sticks are for the option of placing a sort of woven shade like a sun hat to stop the water from evaporating from the well , and this is the most important thing, they help to conserve water ...especially in drought situations . Chicken wire around to keep out the wild animals my case bunnykins out and a simple path/steps where I can step in to weed , plant and water .  

Mine is raised and slopes to face South ...there are so many benefits .

The pathway is what gives it the look of a keyhole .Some folk build them to be far more elaborate than mine . They can be built with rocks  ,bricks and cement several feet high if you like .

You build your Key-hole vegetable bed to suit your needs . There are lots to see on line now . More and more people are trying trying this  . 

This was one I did another year . I fixed up pig-wire for beans and squash to scrabble over .

Anyway ! ... Over Winter while I wasn't watching , husband started having bonfires on it and he took my plastic sheet to use to put his logs on and so I didn't get to cover the bed over to stop the weeds . In fact I totally forgot about it or I might have used cardboard .

So now I have a lot of digging to do  and where has the plastic bucket /well in the middle gone ?

I got on with it and as I am digging out the clumps of grass and weeds I thought to myself that the steps would be better on the North side of the bed and I am going to use those paving slabs . It will probably just be a simple pathway this time . 

Then it began to rain  , not that I mind working in the rain , I just did not want my camera to get too wet . I made a good start and need a cuppa tea now anyway .

So now it is about 1.30pm , we,ve had lunch and it is pouring with rain . Proper rain ! Not mizzle . The water-but will be refilled ..I am so happy !   Aching , but happy .

Maybe get back to it later on .....maybe not .....

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Bows and Arrows and Banana Plants .


So next morning , there it is ...still in it's pot .

We were forecast rain , but there was no sign of it . Husband called out to me that we were taking the grandchildren out in half an hour , so to hurry up please  . 

I carried on digging , with the dry earth falling back in as I shovelled it out , but managed to make this fair sized hole . 

"Time to go !"  O.k. I put everything away again  . Quickly washed my hands and jumped into the  car .

He had been talking about this for days now and I had been worrying about it . Yep ! Taking a 10 year old boy  and a 7 year old little girl to Have a Go Archery with The Lizard Peninsula Bowmen .

DANGEROUS DANGEROUS DANGEROUS those words kept going round and around in my head and my PTSD brain didn't even want to think about it and so I deliberately kept myself so busy that I didn't have time to think about it . Oh my goodness I'm thinking about it !

We'll just go and have a look , he said and maybe just our grandson will have a go if he wants . 

He absolutely loved it ! Amanda was our excellent teacher . There is quite a lot to remember , you have to be quite strong and my grandson got two dead centre shots !

 Then she asked if I'd like to have a go and I heard myself say "o.k" Next thing I'm being measured up for a bow and having  my eyesight checked  and being strapped into a leather arm guard and told how to stand ready to shoot !   Me and that word "shoot" don't really go arms were trembling and next thing I was back with Amanda standing over the line being shown how to load the arrow , pull back and let go .

Pull back , string to nose, arm up hand just under the chin .Close right eye , look through the view finder .

Head up and let go . I'm right handed but my left eye is stronger , so they said I have to have a left handed bow . So my left hand has got to learn the" muscle memory" ..strangely not opening up to let go fast enough ..but Amanda said that the muscle memory would soon come and it would now be about lots of practice and building up strength to shoot further distances . . . . like eventually to the top of the field and beyond !

I got all three arrows into the middle ! Oh ! My Goodness ! So now I'm signed up to do a full course !

I can't believe I just did that ! Feels amazing ! I feel amazing. So happy to have learned a new skill .

Can't stop smiling to myself and my grandson is so happy we did this too ! We both can't stop smiling !

So then we had a very late lunch , took the children to the park then dropped them off home again . Went for a walk over the cliff fields , it began to rain as we returned to the car , which also makes me happy ! I know you're sick of hearing me say this ,but , I want rain to refill my empty water-but .

Had a cup of tea and got straight back to getting the Banana plant into the ground .

I will sweep up the earth from the grass tomorrow .

The Banana Plant , Musa ensete maurellii will look fabulous as it begins to grow again . It is a real beauty I think , with it's red leaves .

Another lovely Sunset over my neighbour's lovely garden .

What a day ....tonight I,ll be dreaming about bows and arrows and banana plants !

Friday, 13 May 2022

Planting out Banana Plant Fail


I thought that I had left the hole that I dug out for the banana plant last year .I know that sounds incredibly lazy ,but the idea was that I could just roll it out of the tub and drop it into the hole . 

So today after I had the great idea of planting out the banana plants , I have two of them ....I was a little bit miffed to find that the hole was no longer as I remembered it . 

No problem I thought . Those ferns will be easy to prize out .

I nearly split my sandal as I trod down on the fork ! 

I put my whole body weight onto the fork and pulled it down  and it still would not budge .

Drat !  Took a break , did a bit of a work out to ease out my back . Then came back out and and got stuck in again .

The ground is rock hard , but this time I managed to get out three large fern clumps and a tree !  Hornbeam ....How did that get there in such a short space of time ?  Anyway I will be relocating these into the hedgerow .

I was hoping to get the Banana plant planted out before the sun went down  and before the rain we have been promised arrives , but the ground is so dry and hard and I just have no energy left to do it today .
So I tidied up and will get back to it tomorrow the rain ...apparently ....yay !  
 Yay ! because the water-but is empty . Completely empty now , after I had to tip the whole thing over to get the last of the precious rain water to water the plants in the greenhouse  . 
Come beautiful rain ! Come replenish my water-but , refresh the garden and soften the Earth !
Meanwhile up in the greenhouse we may have a problem ......

Let us out ! Let us out !


"Help ! Help ! We want to get out of here ! Let us out ! Out ! "

No ! You naughty Courgettes . Be quiet ! You have to wait a few more days ....but I haven't forgotten you .

All before 8am


I took a closer look at my cucumbers this morning (about 6.30am) The roots are just beginning to grow out through the bottom of the pot . So I think now would be a good time to repot them . 

They aren't growing quite as fast as the Tomato plants , but they are strong and healthy looking plants .

So I waved my magic wand and another bag of compost appeared !

Abracadabra ........ and t'was done !    Actually that's not quite true . 

I had to say it three times ! 

Time for brekkers !