Wednesday 25 December 2019

Merry Christmas all !

                        Wishing you all a blessed and peaceful Christmas .

 The weather has been wild , windy and wet here in Mullion. I could hardly stand up while taking this photograph over looking Mullion Cove !
 Today though , on Christmas Day , the sun has shone all day , perfect for all those who stripped off and took their Christmas Day dip in the sea down at Poldhu  .
  No , I was not one of them !  ..... My crazy daughter was one of them !
After Christmas Mass we enjoyed a delicious traditional Christmas dinner and a veggie one for me at my lovely son-in-law and daughter's cosy home and enjoyed watching our grandchildren opening and playing with the toys that Santa brought them , such a delight !
  I hope you have all had a lovely day too .

             On the kitchen windowsill my hyacinth bulb has begun to flower  .
I found the Dancing Angels in a local Oxfam charity shop , I think you are supposed to light a candle in the middle but I haven't done this yet .....and there's the four leaved Clover that I was telling you about , that I put in a little frame .

          The perfume from even just this tiny few opening buds is divine !

Up in my greenhouse my Marlothistella uniondalensis , from the Little Karoo , on the Western Cape of South Africa ....... is smothered in buds !
( Martin if you are looking in , this is the cutting you gave me some years ago , look how it has grown ! )

 I cant wait for this to bloom , it has such pretty purple-pink daisy flowers .

 Now , a few years ago I tried growing some rare seeds from South Africa , I have long lost the label , but every year this one has continued to come up , no flower and then wither away .  For the first time today , on Christmas Day it has put up a stalk with flower buds !  I think it might be a Velthemia , either bracteata or capensis .....I should be able to identify it more positively from the colour of the flowers . I,m  very excited about this !

             I love it's wavy edged leaves !   I will update you on this one .

 Here's the Epiphyllum which should not be flowering now , but normally blooms in May time here in the U.K. , and which might not actually make it ...but I,m thinking positive !

 A few of my Pelargoniums are still flowering , but I am not watering them now and they should be going dormant . I haven't the heart to cut down these flowers , I,m enjoying them so much !

 In the vegetable garden we have been harvesting sprouts and leeks and I noticed this clump of Primroses beginning to flower . You see although the weather has been wild ,wet and windy , and we are all moaning that it's cold , it actually is quite mild here compared to other places around England .

                             My favourite Primulas are blooming too .

     And these ....I cant remember what these are called , but they are lovely .

 After a beautiful sunny Christmas Day , the weather is forecast to turn wild ,wet and windy once again  .  I really would like to have some snow to play in !
  Be prepared ! I,ve put my order in !

Monday 2 December 2019

First Frost Mullion Cornwall 2 December 2019

Yesterday evening looking across the meadow . After a glorious sunny day with blue skies and no wind at all , not even the slightest breeze ....I just knew that we were in for a very chilly night

So I gathered together my candles , matches and newspaper at just about dusk ....

                                   .......and got all the plants covered over .

I stand some of the more tender ones on sheets of polystyrene for a little extra warmth .

                           I lit two candles in the lantern for the night.

 This was about an hour wandering around the garden in my pyjamas and dressing gown . I couldn't wait to see the frost !

                           As you can see the sun wasn't even quite up yet !

                                    I took a walk around the labyrinth .

                Ah .... but one should enjoy these simple childish delights !

Looking across to the veg garden , this is where I have planted garlic and leeks .
Some little creature has made a home for the winter here ..I put a broken pot over the top to give him a bit more shelter from the rain .   Maybe a toad !

                On wards round the labyrinth , Jack Frost has danced !

                                   You can zoom in to see those crystals !

             Sleeping Primroses encrusted with beautiful frosty crystals .

  Frosty compost where the worms are taking the goodness down to warmer lower levels where microscopic organisms are busy breaking it all down and mixing it all up .

                  The Leeks are tough and can take the chill temperatures .

  There was ice on the bird bath . I,m so pleased with myself for remembering to wrap the outside water tap !

                                          The ice was not too thick .

        I easily managed to break it up , so the birds can come and drink .

   Over all it was not too heavy a frost , but I wanted a record of when our first frost was this year .
 This will all be gone very quickly as the sun comes up .
I know that for some of you Jack Frost dances all day !
      Brrrrrr.....I,m going in for a nice cup of tea and some brekkers !