Friday 29 June 2012

Beautiful Slip Ware Pottery

Out with old and in with the new ! Matt Grimmett beautiful slip ware ! Where where you when we visited your workshop in Evesham ?  You were down here in Cornwall ! Unbelievable !  Oh well .... we will be coming back in a couple of weeks time ..because I need plates for my pasties !

Tuesday 26 June 2012

Euphorbia stellata in new home

This interesting plant comes from the hot  , dry areas of the Cape of South  Africa . Here there is not so much rain and the plant has evolved a way to store moisture and nutrients within a caudex . In it's natural habitat  ,this caudex grows buried underground and beautifully marked  , emerald green , serpentine arms trail all around .
 My thanks to David Neville for packing it so well , a healthy plant  , in one piece .
Oh ! What a brilliant day !  : )

Euphorbia stellata

A beautiful little Euphorbia stellata ....I only ordered this a day ago on E-Bay ..I cant believe how fast this was delivered to me .....and SO beautifully and carefully wrapped !
 Perfect condition...I am off to the greenhouse to pot him up !

Monday 25 June 2012

Epiphyllum first bloom of the year !

Been away from the computer for a while , been so busy in the garden and greenhouse.
 I wanted to share with you this gorgeous and first bloom of the year amongst my Epiphyllums. When we moved house some plants were muddled up .I am in the process of sorting them all out .I think this might be E. Cooperi ....please do tell me if you think otherwise . The bud kept me in suspense for a couple of weeks before surprising me with this lovely bloom one morning and delighting everyone with her heavenly perfume . I am sure this was responsible for the sweetest of dreams that I had the next three nights .
 The dance workshop was SO much fun ! We spent this weekend learning modern Egyptian Sha'abi dance and the Malaya Leff Dance with swirling wraps ,high heels and chewing gum .......which Shona handed around ! I borrowed one of Shona's headdresses with the red ,yellow, blue, green pom-poms to help get into character ...but I just couldn,t manage dancing in high heels and dont think I ever will ! lol ! Great music! She's a great dancer ,n, serious teacher , shared lots of tips with us . Bought one of her awesome DVDs . Thoroughly recommend getting along to her workshops if shes up your way .