Friday 29 July 2011

Lavender everything lavender

This month I am craving everything lavender . I am busy picking as much as I can before it rains again . I think it is best to pick it just after it has come out ... for use as lavender bags that is . The sweet heady scented bunches that you see here ,are just drying off before I strip the tiny flowers onto a large platter . This will then be placed onto my dresser ,where it will perfume my lounge ...until I find time to sew Lavender bags and Sleep Pillows .
The blue rag rug hanging over my old kitchen chair , by the way , was so easy to make , and a lovely project to do . Keeping me warm ,over my lap , through the cold winter months . Just strips of any old fabric , plaited and stitched from the centre ,coiling round and round as you go .
Classic FM and Lavender linen water makes ironing piles of shirts more relaxing and my bed linen more enjoyable ! Past Times stopped selling my absolute favourite , devastated......until discovering a delightful and friendly company - The Laundry . All is well again ...I cant do the ironing without the fragrance of lavender ...... I have a bottle of violet water waiting in the wings ,but Lavender will always be my favourite .
I would like to have a recipe , if anyone has one , that I could make my own ?
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Make hay while the sun shines !

The meadow was cut yesterday . It smells Heavenly ..... mmmmm ..... I want more wild herbs to grow in it , but , they must be safe for cattle and other animals to eat . So I am taking my time on this subject , I want to get it right .
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Monday 25 July 2011


Another through the kitchen window shot of my other favourite visiters . This is a juvenile on the left ,with it,s dad on the right . The younster still requests feeding from dad , even though he can now feed himself !
The female comes too but if she sees the slightest movement at the window , she's off !
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