Sunday 22 November 2020

Christmas Tree 2020


                                                          Ta-daah !

I cheered us up by putting up the Christmas Tree .

Out in the garden I have not been able to do very much , having torn a muscle . I,m having physio and doing exercises to help heal it . It is very uncomfortable and quite painful when I lift anything or reach up .I think it is going to take a long time to heal .

So I,m still just pottering about the veg garden .

I,ve sown a few more seeds of lettuce , onions , Greyhound cabbages, shallots , Brussels-sprouts and sweet peas . 

 At the moment we are enjoying home grown leeks and carrots , spring onions , lettuces , coriander and mint .

I am a follower of "Steve's Seaside Allotment "- Youtube video channel . If you haven't discovered him please go take a look . I love that he continues to grow veggies all through the Winter and has a great database , lots of useful tips . He is very knowledgeable , successful and very interesting indeed .

    I like his recent tip for sowing Brussels sprouts now , not for the button sprouts , but to get an early crop of very tasty leaves for greens  . I have only ever grown them for the sprouts and I hadn't realised that you could eat the leaves . I did give them a try earlier back in the Spring this year and they are so much nicer  than Cabbage ...he is absolutely right ! 

So I want even more of those tasty leaves and I,m looking forward to seeing lots of little Sprout babies germinating in the next few days .

 It is very misty here today , quite mild in fact . Took a walk along the cliffs after lunch , very surprised to see so many people down on the beach at this time of the year !

It is "Stir up Sunday "today and I was going to make our Christmas Pudding ,but I didn't have all the ingredients , so I will have to wait until our next shopping delivery .... I think it will be on Thursday ...sigh ....we are still not going into shops at the moment . Very grateful when we can get a delivery slot .

I,m very worried about spreading the virus when sending cards and parcels . I think we will just make sure there are a few gifts for the Grandchildren and a romantic Christmas lunch just for the two of us . It will be nice . Really it will !

Staying focused on what it's really all about   .
We will put out our Nativity scene and make our own Advent Wreath . We are unable to be going into church at the moment . Mass is being streamed on line and Father Paul is doing an amazing job of it , I don't think he's ever had to do anything
 like this before .

We will wait until after the New Year for family get-togethers ,when hopefully we will all have had the new vaccine .

It is just not worth taking any risks with this terrible , terrible virus .

  So listening to some very cheesy and festive music whilst putting up the Christmas Tree and switching on the fairy lights really cheered us up . 

I am noticing people's nice Christmas displays in their windows around Mullion too . 

  Have you put your tree up yet ?  Is it too early for you ? Lol ! It will be the first Sunday of Advent next Sunday ! 

Take care , wash hands , wear your mask , continue to wipe everything down , keep your distance , respect other people's space , be safe..... and be happy ! 

Monday 2 November 2020

Walk to Loe Bar


We took a walk to Loe Bar this afternoon.

We'd had some torrential showers in the morning , with sleet !

I dashed outside in it , to bring my washing in off the line , very surprised to see sleet .

Although there was still a chilly breeze , the sun came out after lunch and we set off for our walk .

If you look at my first picture , you can see the beach is a long bank of sand with the sea on one side and Loe Bar on the other .
The beach drops away very steeply and because of this is a very dangerous place to swim . Don't even think about it ! There are signs up warning people not to go near the water here .
 We sat down further back on the grassy bank watching the mountainous waves and enjoying our coffee from the flask we'd brought with us .

       I commented on how beautiful the sky looked and took lots of pictures of it ...

                                 ...... and then we got absolutely soaked !

We ran , but there was nowhere really to shelter us , nothing we could do except to turn our backs to it .
      Then there was a beautiful rainbow and the sun came out again .

           We squelched our way , a very long way , back uphill to the car  .
                                         Laughing and glad we came .