Monday 21 September 2009

Some more of my garden finds .

So while we,re on the subject of arcaeology, here,s a few more treasures that I have unearthed from my garden . Not the greatest of finds I know , but each little piece of broken pot and such like ....well they tell a story about folk who lived here long ,long ago . I really must begin labelling my finds and making a note about where exactly I,ve found them .

One of my Garden Finds .

Here is the "moccasin or shoe " like stone that I found recently whilst digging in my vegetable garden . What I mean is the shape of it is very like the toe end of a clog or shoe . It has also been worked ,ground or shaped . It has a slash or cut mark across it . Maybe it was used for leatherwork or shoe making ...or it also looks like a broken loomweight . There are alot of Bronze age sites here on the Lizard and around Cornwall .