Monday 17 September 2012

Today I made a Troll !

So I,ve been experimenting with topiary ... hee !  hee ! I need to let his big old nose grow out abit more .
 As far as I know he is the only Troll in Mullion .

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens Plant Sale Day

I so enjoyed our morning at Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens Plant Sale Day and hope it will become a regular event .

Thursday 13 September 2012

Petopentia natalensis

So whats in the other box ?
  Ooh !  Petopentia natalensis   with a nicely developing caudex  (like me lol ) .
I was a bit worried about the dry dust peat it was growing in and the leaves a little bit droopy  , so after consulting with the nice folk on the British Cactus Society Forum , I decided to repot her into a mixture of the peat she was already in , with some regular potting compost , horticultural grit and vermiculite for better drainage . The roots were actually growing away nice and healthily in the dry peat stuff , but this should be much better and now I,ve put her up in my greenhouse for a few days to perk up , but will be bringing her in to the house for the winter as I cant afford to use the heater anymore in there .

Tetrapanax papyrifer Rex

Today I have a rotten stinking cold , sore throat and a red runny nose .Fed up as I was too poorly to go to dance classes last night , they were starting two new dances  , Bollywood and dancing with sticks , so now I,m going to be in a right muddle and will have to work hard to catch up next week .
 Anyway , the postman cheered me up by bringing me two parcels  ,  plants I,d ordered on Ebay  ,one of which almost climbed out of the box by itself as I sliced open the cardboard ! I wasn,t expecting such a large plant....but this is my new baby dinosaur T.Rex !
Tetrapanax papyrifer Rex ... eventually  he is going to be HUGE !!   ...and make my garden even more jungle like .