Thursday 30 August 2018

Veg garden update -August 30

Autumn is slowly creeping in and there are glimpses of flame coloured Blackberry leaves appearing here and there in the hedgerows. Glistening Blackberries and Elderberries to fill  our foraging baskets .
  The Blackbirds  have disappeared for three weeks now , though I sometimes  hear one singing . They keep hidden in the bushes while they moult and grow new feathers. I am missing my Blackbirdie  girl who is usually close by whilst I work in the garden and comes in for grapes .

    The Swallows are gathering in the sky overhead , preparing for their long journey back to Africa .

Warm and misty days , the trees are lush and green.. after such a long hot summer Autumn should be a gloriously colourful display this year .

 I dug up the potatoes . I wish I,d bought a larger variety and I will next year .

                               These will be nice with a salad anyway .
 I need to improve this bed and will be boosting it up with layers of newspapers, cardboard , spent compost , seaweed, horse manure  shredded sticks and Autumn  leaves etc  from now through until Spring .
It will be completely covered and so suppressing any weeds too ..the worms can do the work of taking it all deep down and improving the beautiful earth .

Climbing French Beans " Blue Lake " are the good old reliable beans that have done well for me even during this extremely hot summer .

                                                     Delicious too .

The climbing variety of Courgettes were very slow to produce and also very disappointingly slow to climb....I had to help it by pulling up the branches through the pig-wire frame . Was the weather too hot for them ? Or was it a poor variety ?
  I,m going back to the maybe not heritage but the old fashioned , dependable varieties next year .

            I have a stinking rotten cold sore throat and feeling miserable .
Husband will be having his hip replacement op next week and we are trying to get things done before his op , in readiness for the winter ,the big jobs such as him splitting the logs and me wheel-barrowing them and stacking them up in the woodshed . The back door needs painting again urgently do the cottage windows and so off to the hardware store to get the paint  ....we have quite a list of things to do , but will have to give in at some point as he wont be able to drive for a while . The chimney sweep is booked , the oil has been delivered  .
  On a happier note , my sewing machine has been fixed ! I am so happy about this ! I will be making my rag dolls and poppets again !
              Yes ... I'll bid you goodbye on that happier note !

Wednesday 8 August 2018

8th August Veg garden update

            Still hot and dry....I gathered some lavender this morning .

                            I,m going to make some Lavender sachets .

                                           I leave plenty for the bees !

                                       French Beans a plenty now !

 The Squash surprise me as I come across them hidden beneath those shady leaves and the vines are scrabbling and beginning to climb the pig-wire frames ,

                          I lift them gently and replace to rest on old slates .

 I think that is a Gete-okosomin Squash in there ! I wonder how the people I shared seeds with are doing ? Please do get in touch and let me know ! :)

  Tomatoes are doing nicely now ....not pounds and pounds ...but a good bowl full most days ...enough for the two of us .
                                      I love the plum shaped tomatoes ...

                                     My husband likes the round ones ....

 He also loves these hot hot hot Chillies..I cant stand them..yuk !
 I must admit they are beautiful though....husband is very proud of his Chillies .

 We,ve sown more Lettuce seed coming up in the tray on the right ...we,ve sown some Aquilegia seedsin the tray on the left...but I think these might need a bit of a winter freeze spell before they germinate ...we should  have waited until early Spring to sow these maybe ?

 It has been so hot and dry here...only in the very early  morning , might you see dew on the grass and tiny spider's webs glistening in the Labyrinth .....

                                       ......and all across the meadow .

 Then the Sun rises and it all dries up again...the Lichens on the gate is dry to a crisp ....waiting for the rain .... it is a wonderful survivor .

 The clouds have  been billowing up to the north of us....but they are drifting away from my thirsty garden .

                       Beautiful towering clouds against the blue sky .

                                               Still waiting for rain !