Wednesday 8 August 2018

8th August Veg garden update

            Still hot and dry....I gathered some lavender this morning .

                            I,m going to make some Lavender sachets .

                                           I leave plenty for the bees !

                                       French Beans a plenty now !

 The Squash surprise me as I come across them hidden beneath those shady leaves and the vines are scrabbling and beginning to climb the pig-wire frames ,

                          I lift them gently and replace to rest on old slates .

 I think that is a Gete-okosomin Squash in there ! I wonder how the people I shared seeds with are doing ? Please do get in touch and let me know ! :)

  Tomatoes are doing nicely now ....not pounds and pounds ...but a good bowl full most days ...enough for the two of us .
                                      I love the plum shaped tomatoes ...

                                     My husband likes the round ones ....

 He also loves these hot hot hot Chillies..I cant stand them..yuk !
 I must admit they are beautiful though....husband is very proud of his Chillies .

 We,ve sown more Lettuce seed coming up in the tray on the right ...we,ve sown some Aquilegia seedsin the tray on the left...but I think these might need a bit of a winter freeze spell before they germinate ...we should  have waited until early Spring to sow these maybe ?

 It has been so hot and dry here...only in the very early  morning , might you see dew on the grass and tiny spider's webs glistening in the Labyrinth .....

                                       ......and all across the meadow .

 Then the Sun rises and it all dries up again...the Lichens on the gate is dry to a crisp ....waiting for the rain .... it is a wonderful survivor .

 The clouds have  been billowing up to the north of us....but they are drifting away from my thirsty garden .

                       Beautiful towering clouds against the blue sky .

                                               Still waiting for rain !

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