Monday 27 February 2012

Putting up the Runner bean Frame

Spent a good part of the day lopping out the straightest 9ft hazel branches ,to make this years Runnerbean frame . Then searching for the bean net and then trying to stretch it around the frame ....why does it never reach the ground ....and why dont they make bean net and string in earthy colours ? Too early for sowing the beans yet , but makes me feel Summer is on its way seeing those fluttering prayer flags blowing in the breeze .

Saturday 11 February 2012

Dinosaur Hunting Charmouth again.




A lovely week in Charmouth , fossil hunting.....sadly not finding much this time .
A visit to Groves Nurseries Bridport . I love to that they sell Peas ,beans and onion sets loose in large bins , for you to shovel as much or as little as you want with the scoop provided . This year I have bought Karmen red onion sets , such a gorgeous shape ...Picasso shallots ...a good scoop of Blue Lake French Beans and another of an old Victorian variety of Pea The Alderman ,both of which are good tall climbing varieties . Also very useful are the old bird seed sacks they sell , (at this moment in time covering my tree ferns) I was a bit dissapointed that they didn,t have the last thing on my list " tarred twine " which I,d like to think deters the unwanted bugs on my vegetables ...but to be honest ..the smell of it sends me to Heaven !
We popped into Axminster where I gathered Sequoiadendron Giganticum fir cones and we had a cuppa tea in the River Cottage Cafe . Then to Lyme Regis where I gathered cones from a lovely blue fir tree growing in the graveyard . I look forward to growing all these goodies when I get home .
On our final walk up Charmouth Beach I spied the lovely T.V. garden presenter Chris , I had just read her book from the library before we left home ... well I hope she also enjoyed a nice break away that week ...and I take seeing her as to be a good omen for the next growing season !
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