Thursday 28 October 2010

Rainbow Prayers




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Sancreed Holy Well and Sacred Tree




Then on to the Holy Well and Sacred Tree .
Little tea lights sparkle in the darkness down in the Holy Well ....the water is ice cold . We lit four big candles that we,d brought with us....pushing them into the crevises amongst the ferns and sparkling moss .
There is an innocent, childlike beauty and love here and around the Sacred Tree . A Rainbow of heartfelt wishes and humble prayers blowing in the wind .
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Wednesday 27 October 2010

Cornish Grapes !


O.K. So maybe not so perfect looking as you can buy in the supermarket , but these have a much nicer flavour and are lovely and sweet . I dont know which variety this vine is .It was already here in the garden when we moved here . Grapes have many health benefits and we should all eat more of them .
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Tuesday 19 October 2010

Tibetan Prayer Flags


Yesterday I harvested the last of the Blue Lake French Beans ,one huge pumpkin,two odd potatoes ,three butternuts ,lots of carrots . Took down the runnerbean net, leaving the colourful Tibetan Prayer flags fluttering in the breeze .
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Friday 15 October 2010

Walked to Kynance Yesterday


Walked to Kynance yesterday. From Mullion along the road and back over the cliffs took me six hours . Beautiful.
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Tuesday 5 October 2010

My Best Friend Ever


Forgive me , but today I need to be alone. Completely alone for the next few days or so . Yesterday my beautiful collie dog passed away . For 16 years Megs has been at my side day and night . My heart is broken and I need time and space to think about her . I dont want any visiters ,I have nothing left of myself to spare right now . I will be o.k but for a little while I need to be on my own . The silence is comforting.
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