Friday 28 October 2022

Garlic sprouting !

 Just a quick update 'cos I'm not very well at the moment .I haven't been up to the greenhouse or the shed for a couple of no idea what's going on up there , but I did take a little walk up to the vegetable garden and was very pleased to see the garlic beginning to put up shoots . I planted these out on the 15th October .  I need it to get cold now to make them slow down and divide up .

The onion sets also have tiny shoots. I planted those sets out on the 1st October . When I'm feeling better I,ll take off the grids , now I know they've got their roots down and the birds not so likely to try and pluck them out . 

The weather has been warm , humid  and we've had some quite rainy and blustery nights ...which I am grateful for as I have resown part of the field with meadow species grass seed . This mild wet weather is perfect for germinating grass seed .

I am not feeling up to going for a walk , so my lovely husband drove us to Marazion to watch the wild waves from the comfort of the car . 

                     With a pile of sandwiches and a flask of coffee  .

Tuesday 18 October 2022

Growing Dwarf French Beans over Autumn under cover / in the greenhouse - update

 Yes ! It has been a successful experiment and this will be my final report about them .

  I have been picking lots and there are lots more beans coming .

The two courgette plants in the shed have more flowers and fruits coming too . 

I had nothing to lose really doing this . I used the compost that the tomatoes had grown in . I have no idea how these became pollenated as I now am pretty much  keeping the window shut .

Courgettes are pretty expensive in the shops so I'm a very happy bunny ! 

We are beginning to pick the mixed salad leaves that I have grown too . So nice and fresh and tasty . 

Romaine Lettuce , coriander , dill and spinach . We try to have at least three salad meals a week .

The wind is picking up again here , there is a storm coming in . Looking at the satellite picture , I can see a lot of lightening  . I'm not sure about it . It might just brush past us .  Windy though , which is a bit of a nuisance as I have to put the bins out this evening and I will have to find a rock to hold one of the lids from blowing away . Not complaining , just gently grumbling .  I know people are suffering far , far worse with wild crazy weather and my heart goes out to them !

Dahlias - the Dahlias are looking fab right now . I don't know it's name but that's one of my favourites .

That's all fer now ...batten down the hatches ! 

Sunday 16 October 2022

Sweeping Leaves



     Sweeping up the tumbling leaves today . Made this chicken - wire enclosure around the fire pit to keep them all from blowing away .

Mostly Sycamore leaves and seeds .
Managed to cover it over just before the rain came . We'll have a quick bonfire tomorrow if the wind is blowing in the right direction away from our good neighbours .
I will use the beautiful beech tree leaves for a healthy mulch over the vegetable beds .

 More rain on the way    .

Wednesday 12 October 2022

A Couple more Autumn Tasks Done


Beautiful sunrise on a somewhat cooler morning .

                                  Good morning my lovelies !

Cooler nights ,but still quite pleasant by day and the earth is still warm .

I thought I'd get my Garlic sets planted out .

I'm growing Germidour Garlic this time . Some of my recently planted red onion sets had been a bit muddlified , probably by birds looking for grubs , so I have now covered everything over with grids and chicken wire . It is still warm when the sun comes out and it got quite hot while I was doing this .

Preparing the greenhouse for the Winter .

Then had to pull out quite a few heavy plants and hanging basket and the chair , to get the insulation bubblestuff fixed up . I usually staple it up at the top end of the greenhouse but we couldn't find the staple-gun anywhere .

So I moved all the plants back in .....and then I found it !  🙄

So now that will have to wait until I get another burst of energy .

I did just have enough stamina left in me to crawl under the greenhouse bench and drag out the candle lantern .

I just need to fix up some windbreak mesh across the door , to stop a whoosh of cold air blowing in as I enter the greenhouse . ( a very useful tip that I learnt from my botanical brother )

Went for a lovely walk to ease out my aching back and get some fresh air .....

 ......and clear my head of worries .

It was already getting dark as we arrived home .

Saturday 8 October 2022

Beautiful Sparkly Morning


Good morning my lovelies ! 

It's another beautiful sparkly morning here , in the far South West of Cornwall  .

It doesn't feel too cold , but I notice a very slight dusting of frost on the edges of my Echium leaves .

There is no frost anywhere else and this will soon be gone .  A rare and unwelcome visitor to this part of Cornwall . Be gone Jack Frost ! 

Rosa Bonica is still flowering away over by the Summerhouse  . It is such a cheerful rose and when the flowers finish it has gorgeous orange red hips  , which are lovely in Winter flower arrangements .

Delphiniums that we bought in a plant sale have turned out to be the most beautiful blue .

What's going on in the shed ?

What's behind that silver foil survival sheet ?

Well , the answer is .... a whole lot of sunshine !

Spinach ,Pak choi , Dill .

More ...

All enjoying the sunshine this morning  .

Beautiful Pak choi . 

All for simple salads and stir-frys .

There is even another Dwarf French Bean plant in there flowering away ! It is one that I missed when I was pricking the seedlings out  . 

Fantastic !  That will be another three little beans  to add to the greenhouse bean harvest in a few days time .  Every little helps !

Bee resting in the warm Autumn sunshine . I'm going to do the same today . 

Arm feeling sore after my Covid Vaccine , whole shoulder muscle  , almost down to my elbow . 

Paracetamol .

I think I will put my feet up and do some Autumn stitching .

My favourite time of the year .

Wishing you a peaceful weekend  . 

Thursday 6 October 2022

Growing Dwarf Beans over Autumn under cover in the Greenhouse - update

 Come with me and we'll see how those Dwarf  French Beans are doing in the greenhouse .

O.K you'd better wait outside , since there's only just about room for me in there !

                Dwarf French Beans are self pollinating ! Yay !

Oh my goodness ! We have beans ! 

I had been wondering about hand pollinating such small flowers , but needn't  have worried as they are self pollinating  .

            There are lots of flowers .

                      In just a few more days I'll be picking beans !

                                                      I'm so happy ! 

Saturday 1 October 2022

Autumn Onion Sets Planted


                   It's October already ! The Blackberry leaves like flickering flames in the hedgerow .

We had our Flu vaccine today , so I thought I'd get on and plant out some of my Onion sets while my arm wasn't too sore . It will probably be sore tomorrow and it doesn't usually affect me but sometimes you can feel a bit rough the next day .

I had to clear away all the remains of the Sweetcorn and Courgette plants  and take up the chicken wire fence .

Some of it came up quite easily and I rolled it up to use again later on .

Some of it was a right pain  and  I still have to sort all this out !

I planted out all of the biggest onion sets and the rest I will see how I feel tomorrow . I may plant the rest and the garlic into modules in the shed . It will give me a bit more time . I can then plant them out a bit later on .

I'm only growing red onions this year . I like to grow a few garlic and these are enough for us .

Cavolo nero kale is looking and tasting beautiful .

The Leeks looking a bit on the small side , but there's still time for them to fatten up .

I need to get in there and weed !

The earth is warm still and nice and crumbly .

Rain on the way to settle my onion sets in .

I'd better bring in my washing  !

 Thinking of everyone affected by Hurricane Ian out in Florida .

You are in my prayers . 

My daughter and son-in-law's family are safe .