Tuesday 18 October 2022

Growing Dwarf French Beans over Autumn under cover / in the greenhouse - update

 Yes ! It has been a successful experiment and this will be my final report about them .

  I have been picking lots and there are lots more beans coming .

The two courgette plants in the shed have more flowers and fruits coming too . 

I had nothing to lose really doing this . I used the compost that the tomatoes had grown in . I have no idea how these became pollenated as I now am pretty much  keeping the window shut .

Courgettes are pretty expensive in the shops so I'm a very happy bunny ! 

We are beginning to pick the mixed salad leaves that I have grown too . So nice and fresh and tasty . 

Romaine Lettuce , coriander , dill and spinach . We try to have at least three salad meals a week .

The wind is picking up again here , there is a storm coming in . Looking at the satellite picture , I can see a lot of lightening  . I'm not sure about it . It might just brush past us .  Windy though , which is a bit of a nuisance as I have to put the bins out this evening and I will have to find a rock to hold one of the lids from blowing away . Not complaining , just gently grumbling .  I know people are suffering far , far worse with wild crazy weather and my heart goes out to them !

Dahlias - the Dahlias are looking fab right now . I don't know it's name but that's one of my favourites .

That's all fer now ...batten down the hatches ! 


  1. Hello! What a bounty of goodness you have there! I absolutely have found a love of dill. I hope if you had the storm it wasn't too bad. Here in Pennsylvania it is chilly!!! We may have a fire in the fireplace tonight!

    1. Good morning Billy Jo 💐The storm seems to have brushed past us . It is very humid out and still quite blustery .Pennsylvania is so beautiful . I recommend you make a cake to warm the place up ! I just made a Banana and pecan loaf ..this one is on Lynne Fairchild's channel ( she does beautiful embroidery too , I pop in from time to time to see what she's up to . Here's her lovely easy Hawaiian Banana and Pecan Loaf - https://youtu.be/s130vsxufAM It always makes me happy when I find a simple recipe that works .Kitchen is nice and warm and smells nice too . Hope that link works for you . x Debbie x

  2. It all looks delicious and so very fresh - lovely!

    How was the storm? Not too bad, I hope. xx

  3. Well done with the courgette experiment. Surprisingly we picked a couple of courgettes from our outdoor plants last week but I don't expect any more.