Saturday 1 October 2022

Autumn Onion Sets Planted


                   It's October already ! The Blackberry leaves like flickering flames in the hedgerow .

We had our Flu vaccine today , so I thought I'd get on and plant out some of my Onion sets while my arm wasn't too sore . It will probably be sore tomorrow and it doesn't usually affect me but sometimes you can feel a bit rough the next day .

I had to clear away all the remains of the Sweetcorn and Courgette plants  and take up the chicken wire fence .

Some of it came up quite easily and I rolled it up to use again later on .

Some of it was a right pain  and  I still have to sort all this out !

I planted out all of the biggest onion sets and the rest I will see how I feel tomorrow . I may plant the rest and the garlic into modules in the shed . It will give me a bit more time . I can then plant them out a bit later on .

I'm only growing red onions this year . I like to grow a few garlic and these are enough for us .

Cavolo nero kale is looking and tasting beautiful .

The Leeks looking a bit on the small side , but there's still time for them to fatten up .

I need to get in there and weed !

The earth is warm still and nice and crumbly .

Rain on the way to settle my onion sets in .

I'd better bring in my washing  !

 Thinking of everyone affected by Hurricane Ian out in Florida .

You are in my prayers . 

My daughter and son-in-law's family are safe .


  1. I think the chicken wire could be more painful than the flu jab.

    1. Oh ! You're telling me ! Ouch ! lol !