Wednesday, 28 September 2022

I'm on Mother's Worrying Duty right now !

After a chilly night , we are having quite a nice day , sunshine and showers .
 I am busy worrying as mothers do , about my daughter , son-in-law and his ma and pa who are right now out in Florida waiting for Hurricane Ian to pass through . 🙏🏻
We have been watching the live news channel . It is fast becoming a category 5  !
My daughter is saying they will be fine and not to worry ..... I wish I could flick off the worry switch !

So I tried to take my mind off it and went up to the greenhouse ....there are more and more lovely bean flowers .

You may remember I dug up a couple of the now fading Courgette plants from the garden , potted them up in the spent compost from the tomato plants and brought them under cover on the bench in the shed . Well I didn't expect much from them . The leaves are getting the mosaic mould thing that they always get, which doesn't affect the fruit .

Things are looking quite good . 

Lettuces ,Pak-choi, Spinach , Coriander and Dill for salads coming along nicely .

I did some more clearing of the African Key-Hole Bed .

I had a bumper harvest of Butternuts from here this year . 
I noticed Bindweed and spent a good while pulling out it's never ending long white root strings .
 They had particularly  taken hold under the steps .

One by one , I lifted the paving slabs and pulled out as much as I could .

If only they were edible !
 I could make Spaghetti Bolognese . ( please don't do that ! )

I found a couple of these amazing caterpillars . It is the Convolvulus Hawk Moth Caterpillar  .
Yep , It eats Bindweed ! 

I moved them to another part of the garden . I think this is the time they will be turning into their chrysalis over the Winter . 

                         Small Red Damselfly 

Another little beauty flew down beside me to bask in the sun on the stone steps .

So that's all I can manage for today . Exhausted !

So I'm going in now for a nice cuppatea . 

....and get back to worrying again !   

 Please stay safe everyone .There will be lots of help on the way after it clears . I'm thinking of you .

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