Wednesday 1 November 2023

Storm Ciaran continued - 4pm

 So after lunch , we went for our walk at Kynance . The weather still holding out for it . Quite mild still ,and not too windy .

Camera is still playing up , hmmph .....anyway we had a good  walk  .

                                Saw these beautiful toadstools along the footpath .

The wind then began to pick up and we came home .

Brought in the dustbin and recycling tub . I took down the bird feeders and dismantled the bird bath , it fell over in the last storm and I really don't want it to get broken .... moved some more plants into the greenhouse and the shed .

Moved the car into a safe zone..we hope anyway .

It's coming up to 4pm and raining now , not too blowy as yet .

Time to have a cup of tea and fill a flask with coffee for later , in case the power goes off .

                                      ⛈️     Take care everyone   ⛈️


  1. update 6.20pm - it's raining hard now and very blowy !

  2. Hoping things are OK. xx

    1. As far as I can see , everything looks o.k. around here . Some of our fence is down that's all . I could do with a bit more sleep . Hope you are o.k too Joy ? What a night !

  3. Along the south coast we had a wet and windy night, no damage as yet. We have an amber warning for wind today up to 90 miles per hour, going to be a fun day.

    1. Good morning yes..and that is worrying as now people are getting up and off out to work and school . Take care and stay home if you can till it passes .Thinking of you ⛈️