Sunday 25 February 2024

Davallia humata tyermannii 🌿 The Tarantula Fern 🌿


Another plant that has been enjoying all this rain is my Tarantula Fern .

I took it outside to catch some rain just before the cold spell of weather started and forgot about it .

We've had a couple of days of torrential rain now and I remembered that I'd left it outside , but it looks quite happy .

                        It's  rhizomes look not unlike a Tarantula Spider's legs .

                         Hopefully I can get a couple of cuttings off it . 🌿

The offshoots will be in amongst the leaves at the top of those trailing furry rhizomes  . 

I have brought it back indoors again , so it can enjoy the warmth of the porch .



        Today's weather .......  ( on the Lizard Cornwall )



                                           🌧️ .....but feeling a bit warmer  🌧️


  1. I love a happy accident with plants, dull and wet here again.

    1. 💐Still raining here this evening🌧️😀Trying to stay positive , it will soon be March ! 🌤️

  2. I remember walking along that coast in the pouring rain. It was fine when we set off and turned to heavy rain and wind. A yacht race was devastated.

    1. I think that Cornwall is even more beautiful when the sea and the weather is wild ! It's o.k if you are prepared for it with all the waterproof kit and wellies....not so nice when you're in your summer shorts and t-shirt and it comes and catches you out ! 🌧️🌧️