Wednesday 21 February 2024



Recharged the lawn mower batteries and got it going again . Finished cutting the labyrinth path .

It always looks a bit scruffy at this time of the year .

I need to rake out any moss and sharpen up it's tail . I like it to be as an eagle in the sky .
 So next time I cut it I will try and more clearly define it's tail .

Here's the Monkey Puzzle tree that I planted out and hopefully all this rain we're having will settle it in nicely .

Went to visit my good belly dancing friend over in Truro and discovered that I'm not the only one into embroidery , (and ..shhh .....old dolls and doll house things ! ) She also has one heck of a fabulous garden ! I wish I'd taken my camera with me .

 Anyway we had a lovely time nattering which feels a bit strange for me .

Well , Jessica comes from time to time which is nice , but apart from that I rarely talk to anyone at all .

                  🌿I cherish my peace and quiet .🕊️🌿

Just my blackbird and robin in the garden most of the time plants  ,  the occasional squirrel .

              So I'm feeling happier today . Who cares about the rain !  


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