Monday 21 January 2019

Blood Moon Eclipse - Mullion - Did you see it ?

  Unfortunately my camera couldn't pick up the red on the eclipsed side of the Moon I am so glad that I managed to get myself out of my nice cosy warm bed , pull on my wellies and get outside to see it with my  own eyes !
                                The shadowed side was glowering red .

A huge meteorite fell below the Moon ... did anyone else in Mullion see it  ? Did you get a good pic of that or film of it ?  Because that was such a big meteorite !!

You'll just have to trust me !... here it was showing the best red colour at total eclipse  . Camera just couldn't pick up on the red colour . Drat ! Drat ! and thrice Drat !

We were blessed with a fairly clear sky , all the stars were shining bright .
                    Just so beautiful , cold but not freezing here in Mullion .
I am sure that lots of people with  better cameras than mine will have snapped some great pictures of this Blood Moon Eclipse event .
 On the news we were told that this would be a"Super Blood Moon Eclipse "
  It was only complaint being that it didn't look "Super sized " as we were led to believe that it would be was just normal size to my eyes .
 I,m becoming fed up of the over use of the word " super " just lately !

                   Anyway.......this morning's Sunrise was fabulous !

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