Wednesday, 29 June 2022

The Saga of the Stinging Nettles -part two


So , with a change of plan and another slightly less challenging route in , I made a good start .


Armed with garden shears and two pairs of loppers , I climbed up there and painfully slowly made my way in to find the brick wall .

I had to wear clothes that covered as much of me as possible , to prevent myself from getting stung or scratched or bitten . There are lots of mosquitos about after all the rain we've had and I have already been bitten on my arm and my leg . So with my hood up too , I was absolutely boiling while I was doing this ! 

I found the brick wall and what will be the way into the Nettle-Lands .....tomorrow ! 


  1. Well done. It looks like a right jungle!

    1. I know ! lol ! It's frightening ! Couldn't do anything today as we had a hospital appointment .