Wednesday, 22 June 2022

One long hot day !


The Sun rising this morning over the Labyrinth and the African  Keyhole  Bed .

The Butternut Squash plants looked good first thing , but not so good as the temperature rose to 73 degrees F .  

I watered the tomatoes and cucumber  forest in the greenhouse ....and the ones in the shed . Cut a big bunch of lettuce and Cavolo Nero kale for later .

           Watched a pair of Buzzards for a while .

Had a little walk about while it was still cool . I'm pleased with this area of the garden ,even though it is not quite how I planned it .

The Giant Echiums found their own way there from just one plant a couple of years ago . My weeding out all the Ivy along the fence caused them to germinate . They are going to be wonderful when they flower..bee paradise ! 

 The only thing about this is that I had planted two Dahlias in there and it would be too difficult to climb in there again to dig them out . So they will have to stay there until next year probably . Unless the Echiums take off to flower and then there might be a chance as there will then be space around the bottom of their stems/trunks .

I need to give that Impatiens tinctoria a bucket of water . Even though we had a fair bit of rain , it is looking thirsty . 

It will be better when the Agave that I transplanted gets a bit bigger, so it can be seen above the pink rose . I'd like to move it somewhere else , but I,ve been told " No ".

So then I spotted this ....

                               Very pretty .......

                                      ....but evil !

                                                       Taller than me !

For this operation I had to go back to the shed , get sheers , loppers , fork, gloves and wheelbarrow .

..and I forgot the wheelbarrow !

Anyway it can lie there and slowly wither away in the hot sun and now there is space for the lovely Cyperus papyrus alternifolius . 

Look at this !   A lovely red Acer for £3.00 in Tescos !  It came in a very tiny pot mind and I have transplanted it in to this terracotta tub . I will plant this out next Autumn .  

            Ooh ! I really do love Acers !

What else do I have to tell you ?  Oh ! Yes !  That plane went over again ..the one with the missiles !

Last time it had four missiles/bombs carried on it's four underwing hardpoints . This time it just had the two....possibly sidewinder missiles .

Anyway turns out it is a Dassult Falcon 20/200 used for maritime surveillance and multi-role attack/EW Aircraft ...can you tell I did some research on it ?  lol !

It is Armed Forces Day this coming Saturday . We are so thankful and proud of all of them ! 

Then it became too hot for me and I spent most of the rest of this long hot day sitting in front of a nice cooling fan doing my embroidery .

I have pulled out my Bayeux Tapestry stuff again . 

That's all for now , got to go water the Runnerbeans and this Butternut Squashes . Byeeeee !   


  1. Your garden is wonderful. They do generate a lot of hard work though, don't they? xx

    1. Hello Joy and thankyou for your such a kind comment . I love it though's "playing in the garden" for me . Sometimes I ache like hell afterwards , but I feel satisfied and happy , it takes away all sad and fearful thoughts and I always have something to look forward to , along with the little surprises that Mother Nature brings .💚🌿🦊🦡🦔🦅🌿 xxx