Thursday, 23 June 2022

Early morning watering


Just been up in the vegetable garden watering everything . best as I can with this dodgy hose ....

..with the broken doo dah . It just about holds together , if I'm very , very careful not to stretch it or walk about with it .

By the way , the inconsiderate man with his car has gone .....I turned him into a frog !

He will now be very useful to me , helping to keep the slug population down .

Feeling happier now , so lets get off to Band Q and buy some new edging sheers and a new hose doodah and see if there are any bargains in the garden department . Needing a few other bits and bobs too .

I'll finish with this picture that I took of the baby Buzzard sitting in the lane between mine and my neighbour's cottage .

He allowed me to creep right up to him ,very very slowly quietly ....

..then opened out his magnificent wings and flew very close over my head . Too close to get the next shot of him with his wings fully open , his eyes looking straight into mine , he took my breath away .

Have a beautiful day my lovelies ! 


  1. There always seems to be something to buy when you're gardening. For years I cared for my mother's garden on my days off from work and there always seemed to be some piece of equipment that needed renewing - usually bits for the lawn-mower. Superb to see the young Buzzard up close.

  2. How exciting to see the buzzard. We could do with a break from all the watering