Friday, 21 October 2016

Troll and Pumpkin update

                                   I,ve been playing in the garden again today .

                            I gave the topiary Troll a trim and a new  " hair-do " .

 Next I decide to harvest my Jumbo Pink Banana Squash ..I,m afraid I forgot to sow my traditional big Pumpkin seeds ....but this Pink Banana Squash more than makes up for it.

Here it is growing on the vine , to begin with it clambered up on this pig-wire spiral fence I set up , but as the Squash grew It eventually became necessary  to give it the stool to sit on ..this worked really well , keeping the skin of the squash in good condition .
                      Here I am with my beautiful Jumbo Pink Banana Squash .

 I wanted to try growing  the  Jumbo Pink Banana Squash ,as it is very similar to the Gete Okosomin Squash that I am hoping to get seeds of soon .....maybe next year  or the year after .   I think that these can actually  get much bigger than this ...but I,m very happy with this and we will probably  either make soup or roast this up in chunks along with our roast potatoes  for Sunday lunch . I,ll be saving the seeds too .

 The butternuts were a bit of a disappointment  this year ....many folk are saying the same thing about them ...usually I get up to 13/15 butternuts ....this year only 3..and I,m not sure if they are going to make it ..hmmm...maybe one . Which is such a shame , we love butternuts in our family !

                                                   Still ripening on the vine .

        Next seasons Pumpkin Patch ...hopefully  for one  very special Squash  !

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Monkshood Aconite

Back in April my friend brought me a really lovely surprise , a whole bucket full of  Aconitum napellus , more familiarly known as the Monkshood aconite or Wolf's Bane .

                                              ......and here it is flowering now !

Bringing in my Cornish Window box for Winter

 This year I planted up my kitchen window box with  succulents and pelargoniums .
I called it my Cornish window box  , but actually most of the things in there are actually South African plants and the Agave is from South America .
 Well I think it did really well and now all I have to do is get it into the greenhouse and hopefully I will be putting it out again next Spring .

 It's looking good and flowering away on this South facing window ledge .
That's some of my collection of Heart Stones on the window ledge behind .

Pretty Aeonium and sweet mesembryanthemum (or "Sally me 'ansom s  " as they are called in Cornwall ) looking pretty right now , but yesterday we had some scary thunder and lightening and torrential rain ......actually while I was having my flu jab at Mullion Health Centre .... we had a power cut !
   Anyway  , I was thinking I'd better get a move on and get some of my more precious plants into shelter .

         It was heavier than I expected and  awkward even in the wheel barrow .......

.....but I got it though the veg garden and up the slope to the greenhouse , a quick cup of tea and a chocolate biscuit to give me strength  and then ......

...... shoved it into the greenhouse ....yes .... no .....there's not a lot of room in there now !
 I can just about squeeze in there now to open and close the windows .
                                           Aah ! That's that job done !