Saturday, 6 January 2018

Stormy weather and Gete-okosomin seeds !

 Yes , we certainly had some severe gales the other night ...the kind that brings down trees ! We spent all day lopping , sawing , chopping up this one that fell down in front of our gate . We had no choice other than to get out there and  get on with it , or we wouldn't get the car out !

 Our backs were aching  , our arms were  hurting as we dragged massive branches up to the heap up in the meadow .

 We had two wheelbarrows on the go . Looking on the bright side we now have plenty of kindling wood .
 I went back to North African and Arabic Dance class the next evening ,which got me feeling much better balanced again . Great to be back ,the Penryn classes have finished over at the Zed Shed and and we're over at Ponsanooth now , a lovely village hall, beautiful floor to dance on and nice to meet all the Ponsanooth belly dancers there ...hope they like us , the Penryn tribe ! :)
 A gentleman came in halfway through asking if this was the Aikido class !  Did it look like we were doing an Aikido class ?  lol !  lol !  lol !  :)

 Anyway ......after a freezing cold night and we actually had a bit of frost for the first time this year ..I have been sorting out the Gete - okosomin seeds .

 There are lots of seeds , although  , not as many as I had thought there might be in such a giant Squash. This is the biggest one that I grew last year 2017 .
I also have a couple of smaller ones and hopefully there will be more seeds in these ...I want the seeds to go to good homes, I went to a lot  of trouble to  keep them pure , so that they will grow true for you this year .

 I squished and squashed out every last seed and gently washed away all the gooey-ness .
We roasted large chunks of that golden and  orange flesh in with our roast potatoes..and let me tell you is delicious and sweet !   mmmm  !
  The seed have dried off and I have shared them out to three for each person that has asked me for them . I have quite a list !
This afternoon I will be posting them off and I wish all of you who receive them , all the very best of luck in growing them .
 Well it is lovely blue sky here in Mullion today and I,ve hung out all the washing. Next to take the dog for a walk .. have a nice afternoon all !

Friday, 29 December 2017

Gloomy Day

               A very gloomy  day here in Mullion..and the gales still blowing  .
 The sun has tried to come out between the showers of rain ...but not enough  to open the Marlothistella uniondalensis daisies ... sigh ...maybe tomorrow .

              My broomstick ! Look what's happened to my broomstick  !
                   Broken clean in two ! Going to fail it's MOT for sure !

 Only the wild birds  have brought me any joy today .... I topped up the feeding station and I did get some peanuts , but I,m only putting in a few at a time  ...try and make them last..they are SO expensive to buy .

          The Long Tailed Tits have come in today to feast on the fat-balls  .

 A Goldcrest flew in today to delight me , hopping about on the lawn , not bothered that I was standing there with my camera clicking away . I couldn't get any closer though sadly ...such a sweetie ! I,m not sure what they like to eat . it hasn't ever come to my bird feeding station .

                              Looks like it is foraging for small insects .

 Oh ..and here's my little friend , Birdie girl , the female Blackbird , whose feathers have grown back again on her head and she's looking gorgeous again !

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Marlothistella uniondalensis - is flowering !

 I had a wonderful surprise this morning when I uncovered the cactus collection of their sheets of newspapers . Little specks of purpley-pink caught my eye .

 My Marlothistella uniondalensis is smothered in buds !  I swear they weren't there yesterday !
 My brother gave me a tiny piece of this years ago and it really is my most  favourite plant in my collection . It has slowly spread and is now a nice sized clump in this shallow terracotta pot .

 It never fails to delight me with its dainty daisy-like flowers with a faint sweet perfume .

 That is a quite rare species Pelagonium next to it...I cant remember it's name ..but it has a flower that smells like nail varnish remover I was told at the Penzance Cactus Show , where I bought it has since flowered ( green ! ) and do you know really does ! Extraordinary !

 Other things growing through the Winter months right now are this Tylecodon wallichii ..... Those green leaves will drop off and it will go dormant through the Summer  just leaving that peculiar stump of a stem . It is leaning towards the light .I daren't put it any closer to the window , where it would be too cold for it .

 ......and this Dioscoria elephantipes ( so called on account of it's caudex looking like an elephant's foot ) .
 I think this is now about to die back and become dormant  ... I have  just noticed that the leaves are a little bit spotted and ..aah..I think it has been dripped on from the leaking roof . I have moved it over and put that old washing up bowl there to catch the water . I'll take a closer look at it tomorrow , if it has become too wet I might bring him indoors and put him on a warm windowsill to dry out .
 Whatd'ya think ?

 Outside , I took the cover off this very young Agave this morning ,otherwise it would get too hot under it's cloche .
 Actually I have just covered it  up again for the night .

 This Agave is not doing very well because I have not been covering it ....tomorrow I will be looking for another cloche for it  , or I will dig him up and bring him under cover for the winter .
  Agaves can take quite a bit of cold , but do not like getting wet . There are slabs of rock around these to drain away the rain and older plants cope much better , I think this one is going to be dug up and given a bit of pampering .

 Look at this pot of Snap-Dragons ! This is very much a typically  English Summer time plant ! 
 Tomorrow I will take a look to see if there are any signs of the Snowdrops coming up  .
 I don't think it will be so cold tonight .
So tomorrow , check the Snowdrops , dig up Agave and hopefully show you the Marlothistella uniondalensis with  fully opened daisy flowers !