Thursday, 2 June 2022

The Queen's Platinum Jubilee - 70th anniversary

 It's the Queen's 70th anniversary of ascension to the throne and  people are flying the Union Jack flags and bunting and some people are having street parties .

We are just having a quiet day , dipping in and out of all the celebrations going on up in London  , on t.v.

I had wanted to do my usual red ,white and blue window box , but there was nothing at a price that I could afford . So I put together plants that I had over wintered ....almost red and white , but no blue .

My mission for today , is to clear this bed of weeds . Weed frenzy ! 

                    Needed to get it done before it got too hot .

                        The ground is quite hard just here . Ugh ! Brambles !

            No sooner had I started than a  Robin flew down to keep me company .

 I made a good start .

Then sat back on the grass and just watched my little friend .

                           Beak full of grubs to take back to the nest .

I filled the wheelbarrow to overflowing and decided to call it a day . So hot ! 

Still got some work to do on this bed . Need to rearrange the rocks , but it's looking much better without all the grass and weeds .

Then off indoors to watch the Trooping of the Colour and the awesome Fly Past .

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