Sunday, 23 April 2017

Gete - okosomin germination !

 So , after a lovely sunny day again here in Mullion , pottering about in the garden , weeding and tidying .....I go up to my greenhouse to close the windows and light an 8 hour keep the temperature up just a tad over night .

 I cant afford to run any sort of heater ..but this works for me  and gets my cacti through the winter just fine .... if it is really cold I light two .
 But hang on a minute ! What's this ? One of the Gete-okosomin seeds has germinated ! That wasn't there this morning !  ( Mummabear does a little dance ! )

                           Gete okosomin sown 7th April 2017 moon waxing gibbous.
                           Gete okosomin germination 23rd April Moon waning crescent .

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