Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Making a Frog Pond in Mummabear's Secret Fern Garden

 It has been surprisingly hot here and I escape from it , in to the cool ,damp ,shade of my little secret fern garden .

     On one side I planted it up with ferns of all kinds , it is beautiful lush and green .

On the other side is the back of our garage , and it is here that I laid some paving slabs and created a propagation zone for all my seedlings and cuttings.
 It has all become overgrown with weeds ...most quite easy to pull out  , but the Ivy has become a nightmare ! Growing up the garage wall , it is beginning to grow onto the roof and even coming through inside the garage  !

                              This picture only shows a little bit of the problem .

 So I'm moving out all my plants , so we can get in there and do a proper job of it ...groan .

 So anyway then I found this sweet little frog and suddenly it all became more fun again .

                My little helper came over and suggested that we make a pond .
                     To begin with we dug a hole deep enough for our box .

 The kind lady at B+Qin Penryn let us have this plastic box for half price as the handle was smashed on it ....no one else would want it..but it was perfect for us to make a pond with .

                                              We put the box into the hole .

 We cut open a big black binbag and laid it in the box to make it look dark and tucked it in all around the edge.

             We found some rocks to go in and one big one for the frog to sit on .

Then we filled it with rain water from our water-but . Frogs don't like tap water !

                                               This bit was so much fun !

We put a piece of wood in for the frogs and other creatures to climb out on .
                      We hope our frog will be happy in his new pond .

 Little helper went home ...so now I'm back to pulling out the weeds ... hope the weather is nice with you .


  1. What a lovely idea . . . I think that it with bring loads of fun to your little builder:)

    1. Hi Connie ! How are you ? Yes this was so much fun :)