Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Schlumbergera opuntioides and Agave Utahensis

                                                  Shlumbergera opuntioides

 I,m so busy in the garden at the moment sowing seeds , tidying, planting , pruning , that I have hardly any time to blog !
 I thought I,d very quickly show you a few pics of things going on .
The pictures above are of my Schlumbergera opuntioides . It has been coming into bud since before Christmas..it really takes it's time to flower ..hopefully I will have some fully open flower photos to show you very soon . They last so much longer than the flowers on Ripsalis ,or the regular Shlumbergeras . I love how it is half Shlumbergera and half Opuntia .

                                                       Agave Utahensis

 Meanwhile up in the greenhouse  I have hundreds of cacti , succulents and Agaves that desperately need re-potting . So I have made a start with this Agave Utahensis .
I grew this from seed from the British Cactus Society about 15 years ago and it hasn't left this pot..which has forced it to remain small .
 Now I want it to grow big !
 I am thinking about replacing the Agave potatorum , outside on the gravel bed with this, if and when it eventually withers away .
 Agave Utahensis is a much more dramatically and sharply angular  Agave . Very spiky . Love it !
     The sun is shining ..I,m off out into the garden .....so much to do !


  1. I have three cacti that used to belong to my dad, they are desperate to be re-potted along with the Aloe, perhaps this year it might get done

    1. Oh! Treat them to some nice terracotta pots , I,d love to see a picture of them on your blog ,,do you know what types of cactus they are ?