Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Trevena Cross Nurseries

We took a drive to Trevena Cross Nurseries over at Breage ...We have been coming to this wonderful place for years.....they have all the most exciting plants ...dessert , outback , savanna , rain forest or jungle..in fact there is a distinctly Jurassic feel in the shade tunnel !  The plant displays are the best ever this season ,whoever planned all this should be really proud of themselves .
 They've  had a huge delivery of Agaves and Tree Ferns . Dicksonia antarctica truly magnificent specimens in tubs , or you can buy them as stumps ....I was delighted to buy a small one for £3.99 ! That is a bargain !  ...and they soon grow !

I couldn't resist this Podophyllum "Spotty Dotty " and Nick kindly went and found me a slightly better one .
I bought a couple of Mountain Ash saplings ..they were reduced to half price (all the hedging saplings ) To plant out along the boundary between our meadow and the neighbours field to encourage and indeed welcome wildlife...and then I went to have a look at the new Cactus display .....

                                                           What is this ?

                            .....and found this ....except it has lost it's label , so I have no idea what it might be . Is it a Kalenchoe or an Adromischus  ?  Does anyone  know please ?
 Anyway I love it ! I bought a couple of nice shallow terracotta pots..I'm in the process of re-potting my cacti , giving each one a bit of pampering and loving them again .
 On the way back , we stopped at the top of the cliffs above Poldhu to rest and watch the waves .

                                           ....then home to cut the grass .

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  1. I popped over there yesterday to get some herbs. I loved all the cacti, about the only house plant that has a chance of surviving in my care!