Wednesday, 6 July 2022

Protection for the Runner-beans

 Early start again as usual . I'd been thinking about the Runner-beans all night and "Where did I put that new packet of fleece ?" 

Yes so , I threw myself out of bed and went and said "Good morning !" to the Sun  .

              I found the new packet of garden fleece in the workshop.

I don't really like this stuff very much . I've used it in the greenhouse and find that it disintegrates into a nasty crumbly dust at the end of the season and as I go to uncover my plants , so I have to cover my nose and mouth to prevent myself breathing it in .  Anyway look at my poor ruined French beans ! I have no idea what or who did this .

 So I'll give this idea a go  . 

I didn't have enough to go all the way around the frame . Need to find/buy some more . Hopefully find rather than buy , as it is very expensive to buy now at  £7.25 for a 1,1m x 5m piece . 
Got to go and do breakfast now . I,ll be rummaging through everything in the workshop again later on . 
  I was thinking that I might see if I have any bean seeds left and maybe sow another lot in before I fix up the fleece barrier on the other side .

The Courgettes are doing really well now and I am so happy  with this variety Primulina F1 . 

 I have 8 plants , which is perfect for us , my daughter's family and neighbours . 

I may make chutney and relishes at some point . I don't feel like doing that at the moment though . Nope...not in the mood !

It's going to be a little bit cloudy today . More comfortable for me . I think it is going to be a more restful kind of a day for me today embroidery day .......🧡🌸🌼

........ ..after I've had a look for that fleece stuff in my husband's untidy workshop !

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