Sunday, 3 July 2022

Agave parryi seedling


I bought this tiny Agave parryi on ebay last week .

 The seller told me he'd grown it from seed , so there was no picture of how it would look when it gets bigger , that I could then identify which variety it might be . 

There are several different varieties of Agave parryi that I can see online.  They are all very beautiful . So I will just have to wait and see !

I decided to get it into a slightly larger pot with some fresh compost which I mixed with the soil that it came with  .

The leaves were quite dry and beginning to shrivel , which of course is quite o.k when sending through the post . I think that really it could have been sent bare rooted , but anyway , I took it out of it's tiny plastic pot and found a much nicer and slightly bigger terracotta pot for it .

I mixed it's original soil and horticultural grit with a bit of multi-purpose compost and pearlite .

                  It is looking happier already .

I will post an update on this little chap in a couple of day's time , by when it should have perked up after taking up some of the moisture and nutrients in the compost  . 

Hope you had a nice Sunday . I'm feeling happy but exhausted after having the grandchildren over for the afternoon . We had so much fun ! 

I haven't forgotten about these  .....  maybe tomorrow ...... 🙄 ... 

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