Sunday, 7 August 2022

Evening walk across the cliffs

 We enjoyed our evening walk across the cliffs this evening .

 It has been another very hot day 73 degrees F. The grass so dry and crunching beneath our feet . I feel sorry for the wild animals and birds . They must be suffering in this heat . 

In my own garden I am keeping the bird baths topped up , a shallow bowl for hedgehogs , and a pool under the water-but tap for other visiting animals  .

I was looking at the beautiful half moon , then noticed this Swallow resting on the fence post .

Swallows are very hard to capture on camera and I wondered how far I could creep up on it taking pictures all the way , before it flew away .

Well , very surprisingly , I got this close !  

Then he was off and away ! I missed the take off he was so fast !

                                     There he goes ! 

Only a few more weeks and they'll be migrating 6,000 miles to South  Africa again . 


  1. Great photo of the swallow, I can only capture a blur.

  2. Brilliant photos. We don't see them much around here, sadly. xx