Thursday, 14 May 2020

House Martins and Swallows

                                                Goodmorning all ! 
    So I got up nice and early to dash outside and check my Runner-beans where still there and watch the sun rise .

All is well , so far  . I pushed in some twiggy branches to help prevent the pigeons from landing on them .
  Then we set off  for a morning walk , early , nobody around , for the first time in months !   We,ve been good "stay at homers " during this lockdown .

Only a short walk , husband not long had hip replacement op , so this way is nice and level and such a beautiful view .

      Admiring the wild-flowers in the hedgerow , the butterflies , enjoying the sweet fresh air .

      As we were walking back along this narrow footpath we noticed something on the ground ahead of us  .

 As we got  closer ,we realised it was a little House Martin . It's not normal to see them on the ground , in fact it is hard to get a photograph  of one when they are flying .
   We thought that it might be injured and I walked very slowly and very carefully up to it , Taking photos as I approached  . Then I crouched down to make sure it was o.k ....

   ....... and a jogger ran straight past us , squeaking "sorry " as they went startling the poor thing and it flew off .......sigh ....
  I was squatting down and my knees would not let me get up fast enough to move to a safe distance  .
  If we hadn't been there , they might have trodden on the poor little thing !
  Anyway .... we think it was only resting , exhausted after it's long journey from Africa . They are looking for places to nest in under the eaves of the Poldhu Nursing Home .
  Remarkable birds and such an honour to see one so close up !

The Swallows have been here for a few weeks now . 
We haven't seen any Sand Martins yet which nest in the sandy banks of the cliffs down at Poldhu .

We continued our walk .

Such love !

                                           Then home for brekkers !

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