Friday, 8 May 2020

A second sowing of Peas

 Mice ate my first direct sowing of peas . They ate the pea at the base and left the pea shoots scattered all around ....sigh !
                                           I,m going to try again .

 This time I,m going to try the "starting peas in a piece of old guttering " method I have not done this before  , so here goes !

 I found a piece of old guttering and covered the ends with clingfilm and a double layer of foil .

 I have sown the peas as you can see here and then covered them over  with a bit  more compost .

 I suspended the guttering from two loops of string hanging from two hooks above the workbench in the potting  shed . Gave them a watering in .

                            Hopefully the mice can't get to my Peas up here .
                                          I have left Benny in charge .

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