Monday, 11 May 2020

Happiness by my Back Door !

 I had temporarily hung up this nesting box on a screw by the back door some time over the winter , I hadn't  decided where the best  place for it to be was yet .
  With all that's going on in the world , I just forgot about it ...until just  now .
 I had taken a cup of tea outside and sat down at the picnic table , to enjoy a breath of  fresh air and relax ...when this happened !

                         Luckily I had my camera with me on the table .

                             Blue Tits are nesting and feeding their young !

We will have to be very quiet and careful as we use the backdoor from now on .

Meanwhile up in the greenhouse Epiphyllum var "Purple Delight " is putting on a show !

                                    It is one of my favourite Epies !

And in the potting shed .......

                                             Safe in the potting shed .

 Runner bean update -  The weather today is gloriously sunny and warm , gusty wind picking up every now and again . The forecast is for very cold air coming  down from the North .
    I had put up wind breaks and my young bean plants , which I had hardened off , probably would  have been o.k  , but listening to what other people are saying , using language like "Arctic Plume " and severe frost put the fear of God into me ,even though we rarely get a frost and this probably wont even reach the Lizard .
  Better safe than sorry .
 I had only just planted them out so it hasn't hurt them at all to take them up and pop them back into their pots .
    I gave them all a stick to wind around and I will plant them out again next week . 
 I sowed two Runner-bean seeds at each pole and marked the spot with a stone , so I don't disturb them when I replant .
                                     So either way , all shall be well !

The hedgerows are beautiful right now with Bluebells , Buttercups and Queen Anne's Lace , Pink Campion and Cuckoo-pint .

                                               Pink  Campion  Seline



                                                      Cuckoo Pint

                                       I hope the sun is shining for you  !

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