Thursday 16 June 2016

Early Morning Stroll 6.30 am

I took a stroll around the veg garden , shafts of sunlight through the early morning mist .

                             Everything sparkling with dew and the birds singing .

We did not get very much rain , it didn't even fill the bird baths , but it was enough to get the Runnerbeans to begin climbing the net on the bean frame .

I was persuaded not to sow the yellow birds foot trefoil under the bean frame ,  as a manure crop , to cut and turn into the soil. Apparently it can get out of control .
  While I was thinking about what to cover or grow in that empty space , a lovely foxglove grew and delighted me with its pure white flowers .

      ..and so ..I wandered about the garden then  ,  just enjoying the  flowers .....

                                                              the birds

                                                              and the bees

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