Monday 6 June 2016

Planting out more Squash babies

Back out into the garden this afternoon , to plant out a few more of my veg babies , this time it's Butternut Squashes ( because we love them , boiled , mashed , roasted or  soup ) .

 I usually grow a whopper of a Pumpkin for fun ( to eat mind ! )This year I,m trying the Jumbo Pink Banana Squash instead of a Giant Pumpkin ,this also grows to an outrageous size . Also trying a Delicata Squash which is smaller ..both of which are said to be delicious  .

I have dug the earth over and fixed in a sort of spiral , a length of pig wire ,with canes .
 They like to scrabble about and climb fact if you can give them more space than this , they would do even better . Next year they will have a huge bed all to themselves !
I have tied coloured threads by each plant , and  made a note of which plant is which , in my little red book.  All the Squashes , Courgettes and Cucumbers look the same to me !
 I will plant out my Cucumbers tomorrow .

This is where my failed raspberries were . Actually there are still a few shoots coming up , but I am going to give them a kick up the backside , by taking them out , potting them up in some extra yummy compost .
  I,m going to create a new fruit bush area in the Autumn .The only Raspberry that is doing well is the Purple Raspberry Glencoe , in another area of the garden . I also have some good blackcurrants . Sadly next doors horses smashed all my lovely plum trees .The apples look as if they are going to be good this year though .
 This messy looking zone in the above photo , is going to be my new Pumpkin Bed for 2017 . It is not very clear from this angle, but it is actually a lovely big circular bed . We are building up layers of newspaper , grass cuttings , cardboard , manure , branches that have been finely broken up , more grass , newspaper , leaves , seaweed and so on and so forth ...and the worms will do the digging for me . By next Spring it will be scrumptious doodlie compost ...for an even bumper harvest of Butternuts !

The lovely Epie is still looking good , day two !  Some Epiphyllums only flower at night and are withered by morning I,m delighted with this one  .

                                    Sun setting over the centre of the labyrinth .

                                                     Where fairies dance !

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